Top 3 SaaS software apps to bring your professional services firm into the modern age (and what does SaaS mean, anyway?)

  • Mar 10,2015
Top 3 SaaS Software Apps for Business Professional services firms in the SMB and startup spaces are increasingly revamping old workflows to keep pace with the ever-growing number of apps required to do business in the 21st Century. Redesigning obsolete business processes, even secondary ones, is required to make companies competitive in the digital age. Technological upgrades and implementation in the workplace is met with resistance by some as too time- and cash-intensive, but those are common misconceptions. The reality of today’s market is that in order to remain competitive (let alone to grow), companies must take the first steps toward digital integration now. The biggest push is for connecting with SaaS (software-as-a-service) apps, like BigTime IQ, and bringing companies onto the cloud. SaaS is a software licensing model where access is based on subscription level. Instead of using up your desktop computer or server space, the software is hosted entirely online and you access it via any internet browser, on any device (provided it is mobile-ready). One of the biggest benefits of using SaaS software apps for your business is that they are typically designed to be scalable solutions that meet the changing needs of a growing firm. You don’t have to purchase costly full-featured software out of the box – and obsolescence is not an issue. SaaS apps do regular updates and offer upgrades available to customers who are ready to take the next step. Besides freeing up storage space, SaaS software also allows you and and your staffers to access it anywhere, anytime so your business can minimize productivity losses. Some apps will automate internal, recurring processes in your business so you can reevaluate employee job descriptions and refocus their time. Below are three great SaaS apps for professional services startups and SMB’s that will help you optimize your workflow and maximize those margins. PeopleFluent Human resources and talent management is a crucial part of running a thriving business because the quality of your product is only as high as the quality of your staff – and job satisfaction in large part determines the quality of their work. HR professionals can come with a big price tag while their services are often not needed on a daily basis by small firms. PeopleFluent provides flexible HR solutions for the changing needs of growing companies. This SaaS talent management solution assists companies in discovering qualified candidates, hiring, and then managing that person through their tenure at your professional services firm. The software also offers aggregated data so you have accurate predictive information for each type of employee. This talent management tool comes in handy for organizational purposes, but most importantly, it can help keep your business compliant with all the rapidly changing employment laws without having to invest in a full-time HR professional, or a lawyer. Central Desktop Central Desktop is a great way for your staffers to manage shared files and scattered communication in one place. This SaaS software solution focuses on providing an alternative to email, IT-heavy document sharing, file-sharing sites that leave a lot to be desired, and especially the confines of desktop computing. It’s also accessible remotely so that absenteeism will not be an issue anymore. Instead, it connects your employees with the content that they need – anywhere, at any time. This will speed up business processes, as Central Desktop is also accessible to vendors/contract workers as well as permanent staff. Instead of chasing down individual files and people, Central Desktop centralizes all of your project files and internal documents, and the communications associated with them. Dashlane The other SaaS apps in this piece help small business improve their workflow, but Dashlane is here to help you manage these changes. By integrating web and cloud apps with your current business processes, you will be creating many new online accounts that require unique passwords. Dashlane is a free password protection software that automatically corrects and autofills passwords. The secure password vault works across different internet browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac, etc.). The secret is outstanding security: encrypted with AES-256, a security dashboard that shows which passwords have been compromised, and notification if any of your accounts have been breached. In addition to automatic logins and one-click password changes and updates, Dashlane also offers a digital wallet that is universally accepted and stores all payment types (even payPal and bank info). The Dashlane online wallet autofills payment information in the browser and automatically saves receipts and screenshots of the purchase. Questions about SaaS software applications or upgrading your business processes to the cloud? Call us at 312-346-4646 or email us at [email protected]