Top-Rated Time Management Software for 2017 by CPA Practice Advisor

  • Dec 07,2017

For the third year in a row, BigTime Software has received a perfect (5 star) rating from CPA Practice Advisor.

On November 21, BigTime got another top rating in CPA Practice Advisor’s 2017 review of time management systems; the product’s third such rating in as many years. In a detailed article that supports this year’s status, BigTime is described as “a good fit for professional services firms.” Indeed, BigTime’s ability to connect time with projects, budgets, allocations, and invoices makes it the single solution consulting firms need to manage their business.

Managing multiple projects and staffers is a challenge, which is why BigTime offers a resource allocation feature. This powerful tool helps project managers plan for future work, allocate staffer’s time, and see how projects and staff come together. It generates firm-relevant information, including who’s logging the most time to a project and whether a project is staying on budget, for example. These are the details you need to hit deadlines and meet budgets, and thus manage a project successfully.

Run reports using BigTime’s Report Wizard to get metrics on time tracking, invoicing, payroll, and task lists. “BigTime IQ offers more than 150 reports that can be easily customized using the built-in report customization tools,” explains CPA Practice Advisor. That means you can gauge staffer productivity, project progress, and profitability, among many other deliverables.

In addition to being an integrated business management solution, BigTime is also highly customizable. Customized invoices enable “users to personalize the invoice with a logo, include notes, and even include itemized expenses with receipts.” Customized timesheets “display the data relevant to his or her position in the firm.” And the data generated from resource allocation is specific to your company.

Running a professional service firm is no easy feat. BigTime lessens that burden and functions as a one-stop-shop for your business management needs. Learn more about BigTime’s subscription levels by emailing us at [email protected].