A Time Billing System for Productivity in 2016?

  • May 26,2016

Indispensable. That’s us.

Our goal at BigTime is to be a system our customers rely on. We work to be a vital part of running their business, and we work to add value every time you login.

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When you’ve got pride of purpose, good work is its own reward. But it’s also nice, every now and then, to get some validation that you’re hitting the mark. This week, we got a little nod that we wanted to share!

As published on May 23rd by Brian Hughes on business.com, BigTime IQ ranks among the Top 6 Indispensable Small Business Tools for Productivity in 2016. Ranked #2 on the list, the industry leading time billing system for SMBs.

“Time is (literally) money with BigTime,” the article states. Which is just the kind of thing that you’d expect to hear someone say about the Best of the Best.

So, what do we do for an encore?

As business.com points out, in 2015 BigTime tracked just over $1 billion in billable time for our customers.

“Actually,” says our founder, Brian Saunders, “at this point, it’s closer to $2 billion.”

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