Announcing TaxLink for Lacerte 2016

  • Jan 17,2017

They say that taxes are one of the few certainties in life. At BigTime, our response to this certainty has been to offer a solution for simplifying the work accounting firms and tax preparers face each tax season. And that’s called TaxLink.

Since 2013—when BigTime first introduced the syncing software—we have offered a way for accounting firms who use Lacerte to integrate with BigTime and take advantage of our system’s practice management tools. We are happy to announce this same great (and always improving) solution with TaxLink 2016 for Lacerte 2016.

The philosophy is simple: do your work in Lacerte, TaxLink will keep an eye on any changes, and those changes are synced in BigTime automatically.

Getting connected is also a breeze. It involves enabling a connection between both systems with a click of a button in BigTime and completing a simple installation of the software. Most importantly, with just a couple of clicks, TaxLink offers the ability to import and sync Lacerte return data in BigTime.

Once the data is in BigTime, you can assign and track staff assignments, manage and edit return statuses, and group and filter all of these engagements from a single dashboard to stay ahead of and address any workflow concerns. While syncing between Lacerte and BigTime happens automatically, system administrators can also manually sync data and control the level of access other users have in viewing or managing this information.

Lacerte Tax with BigTime Time and Billing

Download TaxLink 2016 for Lacerte 2016 today, and read these articles from the BigTime Knowledgebase to assist you along the way. We also encourage you to reach out to Support at [email protected] with questions as they arise.

We’re always listening to your feedback and are committed to enhancing our products and your experience using them. That’s why you can expect to see continued improvements to TaxLink this year. Please stay tuned for updates and news throughout the tax season.