Switch to Sync Agent

  • Feb 23,2016

On March 1, 2016, Intuit® will retire Intuit Sync Manager (ISM). So, for our customers who have been depending on ISM to manage their QuickBooks Desktop data in the cloud, we’ve spent the last year or so working on an upgrade.

We call it BigTime Sync Agent.

BigTime Sync Agent - A new, sophisticated sync agent.

What is Big Time Sync Agent?

BigTime Sync Agentۛ is a tool for syncing your QuickBooks data with BigTime IQ.

Why do I need this?

Two reasons:

  1. Because the ISM (Intuit Sync Manager) is going away.
  2. Because Sync Agent does more and works better.

BigTime Sync Agent is far more than just a modern replacement for the ISM. Sync Agent is:

  • Faster – Sync Agent is designed from the ground up to be efficient and quick.
  • Leaner – A sync only involves the changes you’ve actually made, not the whole file every time. This helps reduce unnecessary processor time and network bandwidth.
  • Smarter – With Sync Agent, syncing your QuickBooks data with BigTime just happens, with no action on your end. It’s the end of Sync Now buttons. (Of course, you can trigger a manual sync or pause Sync Agent whenever you want.)
  • More powerful – Sync Agent gives BigTime even better integration and syncing capabilities with QuickBooks. For example, BigTime can use:
    • A/R aging by invoice
    • Job-related expenses
    • Watch for these features later in 2016!

What do I need to do?

To switch from the ISM into the new BigTime Sync Agent you can:

Take action by February 29th to make sure that you get connected before the ISM goes away!

Important: If your firm uses multiple realms: we will need to transition your BigTime instance from ISM to BigTime Sync Agent for you. This is a complimentary service, so book your calendar spot.