Successful Project Management Drives Successful Firms

  • Mar 29,2017
We use Trello to manage our marketing activities. It’s an awesome tool that helps us keep track of tasks that don’t require a budget or need to be invoiced. We’re also big fans of the Trello blog. A recent post by Scott Friesen titled This is Why Your To-Do List is Going Nowhere jumped off the page and smacked us right between the eyes. Here’s what he wrote. … the ability to review your tasks and projects at the same time is so crucial. The bigger picture allows you to make sure that there is alignment between what you are going after (big projects) and how you spend your time (small tasks).” Oh, my goodness. That’s exactly what we do for professional service firms. And more, actually.

A Task Dashboard Aligned with Project Management

With BigTime’s built-in task management dashboard, users can create workflows for projects, including tasks and budgets. They can also view all project plans, see status updates, staff assignments, and collaborate with project teams. Project managers can get a high-level view of what’s due at any point in time and know where everyone stands with their assignments. Or firm owners can drill down to the tiniest detail using filters, grouping, and sorting functions. Due Date and Workflow

Successful Project Management = Successful Firm

In a recent interview, BigTime CEO Brian Saunders said, “It’s hard to run a business. But in my world, a successful business is the sum of its successful projects.” The running of a successful project begins with that most valuable of resources, time. That’s where tracking your time with an online timesheet really helps. Here’s the cool part. The time data you enter into BigTime is associated with a client project, the project budget, tasks, even sub-tasks, billing and invoicing, and finally, reporting. The alignment of all these factors into a seamless workflow is the basis for more than project management. It’s firm management — and firm management is exactly what BigTime does.   BigTime Software delivers real-time, metrics-driven time tracking, billing and project management for more than 2,000 professional firms, tracking over $2 billion (USD) worth of billable time each year.