Streamline Billable and Non-Billable Approval

  • Aug 31,2018
It’s a common scenario. Staffers’ billable and non-billable hours bottleneck in the approval process, since it takes time to sift through both billable and nonbillable hours for each staffer. BigTime’s billable/non-billable approval feature streamlines this process. Now you can divide up time approvals for billable and non-billable time for each staffer. Here’s how it works. Your staffer Ruth logs billable hours to a project for Putman Associates. These hours are filtered to the lead, Henry, who sees these hours and can approve or reject them (see image below). If there’s not a team lead identified for the project, then the admin can approve or reject the hours. However, when Ruth logs non-billable time, like vacation time, these hours are filtered to her manager, Sue, who sees all submitted time, including billable hours. However, she’s only able to approve non-billable hours. Based on the image above, Sue sees the billable hours logged to the project (in gray), but can’t do anything to these hours. However, she can approve or reject the non-billable hours that have been submitted. There are few things you need to have in place before you can use this feature. First, identify a team lead. When you add staffers to a project, indicate that one staffer is a team lead by checking the box under “Team Lead.” Second, create an internal project and indicate that it’s a non-billable project (on your Project Dashboard, check the box next to “Hours/Expenses billed to this project should be considered non-billable”). Firms often make an internal project for vacation time or company training. Third, identify a manager for the project, and grant them managerial rights over a specific department. Use the Staff Dashboard to make these changes. In the image below, our staffer has managerial rights over the Engineering department. Keep in mind that you can update managerial control by adjusting rights in your security groups. The net result of Billable and Non-Billable approval is this: you save time and avoid bottlenecks.