Springtime at BigTime

  • Mar 24,2016

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning around BigTime IQ. This week, we’ve introduced a set of updates that help QuickBooks Desktop users see and understand a few key things that the system is doing behind the scenes. Here’s a rundown:

  • We’ve enhanced the Sync Status tile on your Admin Dashboard. (The one that displays the date and time of the last sync with QuickBooks Desktop.)
    • Time zone configuration. Now, you can show this time value based on your local time zone. In addition, you can set this option for:
      • The entire system
      • Specific users (as long as they have system administrator rights).
    • If the Sync Status tile on the Admin Dashboard shows Failed, you can now click the tile to see details. This shows you the status message from the last sync between BigTime IQ and QuickBooks Desktop.

Quickbooks sync failed

  • A new QB Status field is now available that lets you display the QuickBooks status of invoices.

    quickbooks status
      Note: Statuses display for Draft or Final invoices, but not Work in Progress.
    QB Status values can be:

    • Pending – (QuickBooks Desktop only) BigTime Sync Agent has not yet tried to sync the invoice.
    • Failed – Posting the invoice to QuickBooks failed.
    • Successful- Posting the invoice to QuickBooks succeeded.
    • Imported – Invoice originating from QuickBooks has been synced.

  • The Post icon now also turns red Quickbooks cloud icon for posting on an Invoice Summary page to indicate a failed post to QuickBooks. Click this icon to view the response message from QuickBooks.
    Quickbooks cloud icon screenshot
  • Credit Card post failures now show up in QuickBooks. You can see a detailed failure message in BigTime IQ by drilling down into the expense report’s details.
  • Miscellaneous fixes:
    • Resolved an issue with importing invoices from QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Resolved an issue in which payroll items of the non-compensation type were showing in the Timesheets view.