Should You Upgrade to Premier?

  • Mar 13,2018

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“Greatness… is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline,” Jim Collins wrote in his book Good to Great regarding successful businesses. His words ring true today when considering why customers are upgrading their BigTime subscription to Premier—our most comprehensive subscription level.

Many customers starting out with BigTime tend to opt for Pro. It’s a popular option for those who need to track time and expenses, create invoices, manage workflow, and integrate with other applications like QuickBooks and Slack, among others. Yet a surprising number of BigTime users recognize the value of Premier. It offers the benefits of Pro plus several additional features that provide customers with the details they need to run a great company.

This blog post will highlight several benefits that are unique to Premier. That way you have the information you need to decide if this service is the right choice for your firm.

1. Resource Allocation

Access to resource allocation is a point of distinction with Premier. It takes the guesswork out of business planning. Resource allocation is a powerful tool customers use to anticipate monthly revenue, get detailed and summary reports, and plan for future work by month or week. Plus, you can gauge project and staff performance with real-time dashboard graphics and reports.

It takes a little time upfront to allocate hours and budgets for a project and some discipline to use resource allocation on a regular basis, but doing so pays dividends in return: productivity will soar. Now you can effectively manage multiple projects and staffers, stay on budget, and hit deadlines. In short, resource allocation makes knowing and managing the details easy.

2. Multi-Level Approvals

Multiple individuals can review time and expenses for your staff when you use multi-level approvals. Think of it as a thorough review process before time and expenses are billed to the client and/or posted to your accounting system. These extra reviews can catch small, but costly mistakes—like erroneous time entries.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to have use all levels of approval. In the image above, we only have two levels of approval.

3. An Integrated Solution

With Premier, you’ll find the integrated platform you’re looking for in order to increase productivity and identify growth opportunities. How?

Premier offers a four-part solution to make BigTime your one-stop-shop:

  • Manage new demand. Can you take on a new project? Is your client’s timeline achievable, given the other projects you’re managing? Is the budget realistic? Get the answers to these type of questions with resource allocation.
  • Schedule and plan. Manage a project using our task editor, where you can create and assign tasks and budgets. Then, use resource allocation to allocate hours to staffers, and keep them within their work capacity.
  • Track and bill. Since BigTime is a cloud-based service and accessible across devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs), staffers can log time in their timesheets anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. We also offer a sophisticated invoicing system where users customize invoices to match the likes of their clients.
  • Collaborate and analyze. Create summary or detailed reports on any number of relevant aspects of your business, from task status to staff performance. Then, share these insights with teammates.

The resources that Premier offers can help you take your business to the next level. In fact, if you’re an existing Pro or Express user you can get a free 30-day trial to see if resource allocation fits your needs. To find out more, contact your sales representative or email us at [email protected].