Extended Validation Security in BigTime

  • Aug 12,2015

We care about your business security

You may have noticed that in addition to the familiar “https” padlock in your web browser indicating your session with BigTime is encrypted, it also displays “BigTime Software, Inc. [US]” just to the right. This is called an Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL). It means your session is protected by the highest class of independently validated browser security available.

bigtime security 1

Is it really BigTime?

The bad guys hope you will make a typing error while entering a web address. Unbeknown to you, your typo takes you to a fake site that looks like the one that you wanted. The baddies are hoping you don’t notice until after you type in your ID and Password, which they promptly steal.

To help prevent this, EV Certificates, like the one used by BigTime, display the name of the company just to the right of the SSL padlock. This information comes directly from a Certificate Authority. If the website you are visiting supports EV, check to see that the Company name is the one you wanted before entering your credentials!

To see even more details, click on the green padlock in your browser address bar to pop up an information window like the one to the left.

Is it really Secure?

The green padlock shows up when you type https instead of http. This means that the connection from your web browser to the website is encrypted at the same level banks and other financial institutions use for web transactions.

bigtime security 2

Of course there is much more to security than EV Certificates, https, and SSL, but it’s just one more little thing we are doing at BigTime to keep our users safe.