BigTime Release Notes – October 2015

  • Oct 13,2015

For IQ Professional and IQ Express

We are excited about the number of updates we were able to include in the October BigTime release. It contains a number of customer requested features and product fixes. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions. As always – If you don’t see your feature request below, please check back! We update the system all the time.

To submit a feature request, please email us at [email protected].

New Features and Enhancements


  • Printed expense reports now include task, class and other “additional” fields if those fields are being used by your firm. Those reports also include the name of the credit card used for any credit card expenses. (IQ Pro Only)
  • Service items are automatically imported into your labor code list if you are a QuickBooks subscriber, but administrators can prevent a service item from being imported by simply deleting it from the BigTime labor code list. That item will not be re-imported unless the user re-creates the Labor Code and selects the service item they’d like to unblock from BigTime.
  • Labor codes now also support a “merge” function (so that you can consolidate hours into a single labor code).
  • Users without the “view/edit security rights” can no longer see the user rights tab on the staff list/detail pages.


  • The system now supports the tab key on drop down lists as a way to select a highlighted entry. Just use the arrow and tab key combination while entering your time in the Weekly Timesheet.
  • Users can now print their own timesheet with a handy print button directly in the weekly view.
  • print timesheet in BigTime
  • Users now have the ability to log expenses against engagements.
  • When you start a new timer, the system automatically opens up the timer’s editor screen for you. Previously, a new timer would be added to the list and then you would have to click into the editor screen.


  • Recalculating an invoice no longer removes notes/labels which may have been changed. It only updates the numbers on the screen.
  • PO Number on new invoices can now be pulled from similar names fields on the project. Create a custom field on your project list named PO Number and now that value will flow directly into each PO Number field across all invoices for that client.
  • The Time & Materials invoice format now enables filtering both time AND expenses by date range.
  • Invoices now Auto-Save when you click PRINT or POST (and confirm that you don’t want to save your work when you click BACK).
  • Writing up an invoice now supports an adjustment column under the Time/Expense detail view.
  • You can now control the font size and font choice for any custom Invoice PDF format you create.
  • When you subtotal invoices by labor code or by task, the DESCRIPTION of those items can be included on the invoice(s) you generate.
  • You now have a field on your clients named “Default Invoice Notes” that will be copied into each invoice’s general note. Simply create a PDF template that includes the “Overall Note” field to utilize these notes on your invoice print-outs.


  • Management level users are no longer allowed to approve their own time (financial admins still have that right within the system).
  • The system now has an option to prevent unapproved time from being posted to QuickBooks.
  • We also added an “approval date” for time and expenses to the list of fields available in a report so you’re able to see who approved and when they approved any transactions in your system.
  • Expenses Report Name is now visible on the review/approval summary page(s) for expenses.


  • When designing jobs underneath a Customer in BigTime, the system now supports the ability to copy contact information from project to project (within a client). Useful for when you create a new project and would like to just copy contact data.
  • Non-admin users can now reassign their own task(s) to another user (IQ Pro Only)
  • Tasks/Engagements now show an audit log that includes a log of all changes to CreatedBy/Date, Current Status and assignments. (IQ Pro Only)
  • task audit log in BigTime
  • The Contact Type is now a set of Field Values that can be edited by the admin
  • You can now choose to see/hide all of your ARCHIVED tasks on the task dashboard. (IQ Pro Only)
  • The task/engagement dashboard page remembers your filter and grouping settings. (IQ Pro Only)
  • On the engagement/task dashboard, any adjustments you make to the column widths will now stick during the current browser session (even when you navigate to other pages). (IQ Pro Only)


  • BigTime reports now support a page break option which allows a user to place a page break on your PDF print outs based on your first level of grouping designed in the Reporting Wizard.
  • Reports that include time/expense detail now support a drill down feature so you can directly open the time and expense entry and modify them if you’ve got the permission to do so.
  • Reports that include invoices now support a drill down feature so you can open up the invoice number referenced to view the details on it.
  • You can now export your staffer’s activities on either the related staff record or from the related client details view.
  • Users can now utilize a report filter combination logic so that you can tell the system exactly what values you need on your report.


  • My Company > Integrations received a huge face lift. Now you can easily view integrations available and integrations we’re working on bringing to our software package. Simply click on the program you’d like to integrate with and follow the instructions provided.
  • integrations in BigTime
  • Zapier Integration is now available in beta – email [email protected] for details.
  • Several fields were added to both the Project and Task API objects (so that you can import based on matching criteria instead of raw ID values).
  • When a new task is created via the API, it will automatically be assigned a default TYPE (instead of failing if the type code is not specified).
  • All users may now utilize the calendar feed option in the Person icon under the “My Profile section. This calendar feed can be set within My Company > Integrations.

DCAA COMPATIBILTY(IQ Pro Only) – email [email protected] for details.

  • DCAA Audit trail is now available on IQ PRO.
  • DCAA standard-ready submission and approval signatures are now supported.

Product Fixes

  • The daily timesheet view sometimes scrolls beyond the visible browser height. This problem has been corrected.
  • Several improvements were made to the way we track A/R in the system for realms not attached to an accounting system.
  • When a T&M invoice is created with SPECIFIC WIP ITEMS, the expense sub-total was hardcoded to use the category subtotal type. This is now ONLY the default setting.
  • The Detail Staff form was cut-off when saving Staff with long name on ‘Invite Existing Staffer.
  • Project/Staff Activity tab: Description for disputed notifications was displaying in json format.
  • Fixed problems with the staffer “default labor code” setting to make its behavior consistent from page to page.
  • Fixed problems with the fixed-fee billing format which would sometimes cause draft line items to be duplicated or created out of order.
  • Fixed UI problems with the dashboard which make it unclear how to reconnect a disconnected realm to QuickBooks without hitting F5.
  • Due to several problems related to special characters within time/expense notes, the system now automatically strips non ascii characters from the notes.
  • Custom reporting: if I sorted by a column, but did not GROUP by that column, it would sometimes not appear on the printed PDF of that report. This problem has now been resolved.
  • Custom reporting: some exported fields were showing an ID value instead of their text value in the PDF export(s). This problem has been fixed.
  • When a sub-job is exported to QB, the customer name is missing from the new entry in the QB project “picklist”.
  • The count of “pending tasks” on dashboard was sometimes incorrect.
  • Expenses for negative amounts can now be entered in the system.
  • Sometimes making a COPY of a report would remove the filter criteria from the copied report.
  • Timesheet Summary Reports are now functioning as intended and summarizing by the amount of columns you include.
  • User reported issues with exporting to Excel are now fixed.