QuickBooks Desktop Gets More Attention from Intuit

  • Jan 11,2018

QuickBooks Online (QBO) has been growing by leaps and bounds, but a lot of professional services businesses still use QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)—including many BigTime customers. We make it easy for customers to integrate their BigTime software with either QBD or QBO, since millions of people use both products.

Despite the growing number of QBO subscribers, QBD shares the spotlight. A recent Accountex article explains the recent attention surrounding QBD, and summarizes the 2017 QuickBooks Connect conference in Silicon Valley. Over several days, entrepreneurs and small business owners attended lectures and visited product booths. The article highlights the event and explains several Intuit updates, such as its Lighter Capital fund, and products, like QBD.

For the past three years, the article points out, there hasn’t been “any reference to QuickBooks Desktop at this show.” But this year, QBD had its own booth at QuickBooks Connect. And “in some cases, we are starting to see QuickBooks Desktop become more visible on the Intuit websites.”

As developers of cloud-based software, we appreciate the benefits QBO offers, like accessibility. However, many of our clients still use QBD, since it has the capabilities they need. QBD can also be hosted in the cloud using Intuit’s own hosting service, or using third-party hosting. Our QBD users tend to be larger firms, but that gap is closing as QBO makes more features available. And if you switch from QBD to QBO, or vice versa, you don’t have to worry about switching your BigTime information.

QuickBooks, be it online or desktop, is one of several applications you can integrate with BigTime. Slack and Zapier are among the many others. So integrate the applications you commonly use with BigTime to make it your one-stop shop for running your consulting business.