Product Update: 5/16/2016

  • May 16,2016

BigTime IQ users get another set of updates today. This batch includes a couple of major new features and fundamental improvements that we know you’ll love. So let’s get right into the details!

Percent-complete progress billing is here

In this update, we made some enhancements to the fixed-fee invoicing style in BigTime IQ. When you create a fixed-fee invoice, you’ll see Percent Complete as a drop-down option in the draft invoices column headers. (This makes it easy to switch between Milestone view and Percent Complete view.)

In the Percent Complete view, just edit the percentage values to update your invoiced amounts. BigTime will update the amounts on each line item automatically, so you can put away your calculator and move on to more important tasks.

In our last post, we published a sneak peek at the feature, so check out that post for more details. But we wanted you to know that the feature is now live and available for your use.

In addition, we’ve expanded Invoice print template options to include Task progress information that you can report back to your customers.

Here’s a quick video that shows the new functionality in action.

Adding new Projects just got easier

Adding Projects to BigTime IQ is now more intuitive. The Add Project page helps you distinguish between adding a Client, a Project or both.

We know that many professional services firms (especially in retainer-heavy industries like PR or accounting) don’t use projects. If that’s your approach, you can just select Add Client and BigTime will know to add the customer/job you’re used to. You can even tell BigTime to stop offering the option to add Projects altogether.

Payroll Items now support labor code exceptions

For those of you who integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, we’ve added the ability to set a payroll exception based on Labor Code. Previously, BigTime could automatically apply a specific QuickBooks payroll item based on a time entry’s Project. Now, the system can also auto-apply payroll items based on the entry’s Labor Code.

Note: To auto-set payroll items based on users, projects and labor codes, just click the Payroll Filters button on your Post Timesheets page.

We hope to add these same features to our QuickBooks Online integration, but for now, QuickBooks Online does not support Payroll Items.

Project detail now includes uninvoiced amounts

When you need to look at the details of a Project’s tasks, you open the Project List to the Tasks tab and then click switch to the Task Billings to Date view. We’ve updated the data and the descriptions on this page. Because this view helps you keep track of your budget status, we wanted to link the data to both your invoice history and your pending Timesheets.

Old view:
New view:

The amounts under Invoiced to Date now show:

  • Invoiced – Dollar amount invoiced on this Task (You must subtotal your invoices by Task to get this value)
  • Uninvoiced – Dollar amount sitting in time or expenses that have not yet been billed
  • Remaining – Your budget minus both Invoiced and Uninvoiced amounts

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

  • Previously, BigTime IQ would display an error message if you tried to delete a Client that had time attached to it. But now, the system asks “Are you sure?” for every delete request you make, even if there is no time attached to the Project.
  • Sync Agent installer will now help you open QuickBooks with the correct permission levels.
  • Grouping and PDF Export are now working properly in Timesheets Export. (When a user opened the Client List to view Time/Expense history and grouped by Labor code to export, the amount of hours reported on the PDF/XLS was inaccurate.) (LPL-1671)
  • We made some minor fixes in the reports exported from the Project and Staff lists to properly reflect UI values. (LPL-1902)
  • The Invoice Type field is now populating as intended, with the type of Invoice that was last used for the Drafts/Finals screens. (LPL-1958)
  • The default class on the Project List is now auto-populated on the Invoice posting screen. (LPL-1977)
  • Invoices imported from QuickBooks Online now properly reflect Imported for the QB Status column. This enables financial admins to keep track of what invoices came from QuickBooks versus what was entered into BigTime. (LPL-1981)
  • Admins and Project Managers with access to the Staff List can now view the Staff List grouped by Department. (LPL-2054)
  • The very first Project added to the Client List for new firms now shows properly. (LPL-2061)
  • Fixed an issue with sorting by columns on the Invoicing and Staff lists. (LPL-2129)

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