Product Update: October 10, 2016

  • Oct 10,2016
BigTime Time and Billing Product Update

In our quest for continuous product enhancement, we are really excited to announce new features that will help our customers save even more time. You already know we’re all about time: tracking it, managing it, billing it, and using all of that data to generate real-time reporting.

The diverse features in this release simplify the management of recurring requests, enrich task tracking, advance invoice personalization, and build on inbox notifications to further streamline communication.


The recurring frequency of small things can add up to a lot of time – not to mention aggravation.
It used to require an outreach to customer support when a staffer forgot both their password and the email account they used to sign up for BigTime. We pride ourselves on being super responsive to customer requests, but some level of lost time was involved: both for the staffer who couldn’t access the system and for the Admin who was tracking the status of the incident.

With this release, Admins can reset passwords for other users. And it’s easy. Working within the Staff List, the Admin clicks Reset Password. The system generates a temporary password that the Admin shares with the staffer who can use the temporary password to login. Problem solved in less time with a lot less aggravation. To learn more, watch the how-to video or read the article in the knowledge base.


Not all project tasks are billable. But you have to know the cost of non-billable tasks in order to know if you are budgeting projects properly. The ability to compare your non-billable task cost rate against what you are actually billing is essential to profitability.

You can access this feature from the Task tab of a Project record by clicking Add New Task. Once the new Task is created, click on it, then select the General Info tab. This is where you’ll find the checkbox to flag a task as non-billable. Now, when a user logs time, the task will show up as non-billable and on the invoice, it’s marked as no charge.

You can also create task reports, choosing from two types of task reports in the Report Center. Using the Report Wizard, when you select the items to include in the task report, you’ll see that non-Billable is now one of the options.

You may also identify a Task as non-billable from the Task Manager Dashboard. The non-billable option is available for time, expenses and recurring tasks in a series master.


This feature enhances the ease of creating a personalized message to accompany emailed invoices. The new feature allows you to customize the default email message to all invoices emailed out of BigTime IQ Pro. So what you see in the editor, is exactly what you’ll see on your invoice. We’ve also added handlebar syntax to the default template. Think of it as an object you can click on to include either the client name, project name, or invoice number. To learn more, watch the video or read the article in the knowledge base.


BigTime gives its users the right to opt out of in app, inbox notifications. Now, when someone unsubscribes, the Financial Administrator is automatically notified.

By going to My Company…Notifications…General Administration Notifications, the Financial Admin can access the general notice that someone has unsubscribed. By going to the Group Review and Approval Notifications, the Financial Admin can identify who has unsubscribed. This is particularly helpful in the event that the Financial Admin wants to override the opt-out and make certain notifications mandatory.

Other fixes

  • LPL-1232: Administrators will now be able to reset passwords on behalf of other staff members.
  • LPL-2962: Reports > Personal Reports will be renamed to “Public Reports” to make it clearer that this is not a private report section.
  • LPL-3004: New feature of Non billable tasks is here. Users can mark tasks as non billable on the task itself.
  • LPL-3092, LPL-3091, LPL-2621: Rounding patches done to various areas of time/expenses. This will remove the error from posting invoices to Quickbooks Desktop and online.
  • LPL-2678, LPL-2677: Managers and Team leads will no longer be able to approve their own time or expenses.
  • LPL-2619: The timesheet summary report “monthly capacity” field will now be functioning.
  • LPL-2847: The Task Assignment notification will no longer error when clicked from the Dashboard.
  • LPL-3004: Users now have a newly added field in the Task based report to determine if a Task is no charge.
  • LPL-2859: A fix to print templates so they no longer error when a user selects “no subtotals”
  • LPL-2860: Grouping by boolean values will no longer make exports to XLS break.
  • LPL-2992: Sync Agent received an update so that authentication tokens will auto-renew.
  • LPL-1082: Users will receive the ability to edit the default Invoice Email in Invoicing > Configure.
  • LPL-3060: Invoice email prompt gives a shortcut to edit invoices.
  • LPL-2701: The security right of “Allow user to add projects” set to off is now patched.
  • LPL-2864: Financial Administrators will receive notifications when a user unsubscribes from an in-app notice. Anyone granted the user right “Financial Administrators” will receive the notice automatically.

BigTime Software delivers real-time, metrics-driven time tracking, billing and project management for 2,000 customers and tracks more than $2 billion (USD) in billings annually. BigTime is a venture-funded company based in Chicago serving the professional services sector.