Product Update: March 9, 2016

  • Mar 09,2016
BigTime Product Update Banner 3/10/2016

Today, following the debut of BigTime Sync Agent, the BigTime development team published a set of updates. We’ve put a lot of energy into making Sync Agent more efficient for very large QuickBooks files. The syncing of data in general is now much improved.

If you’re not using Sync Agent, we still have updates for you. See the Resolved issues section below.

Sync Agent FAQs

Courtesy of BigTime Support, here are the top three questions we’ve been fielding about updating Sync Agent.

How do I download the updated Sync Agent?

If you’re a BigTime administrator, look for an orange Update tile on the Dashboard.

You can also open the QuickBooks Desktop Integration page manually:

  1. Click My Company > Integrations.
  2. On the Integrations screen, click QuickBooks Desktop.

  3. Click the link at the bottom of the QuickBooks Desktop Integration page

How often will I have to download updates?  

Very rarely. Sync Agent is set to update automatically if necessary.

Do I have to download the update to continue syncing?

No, but the improvements to Sync Agent make it worthwhile for most situations. Plus, updating is fast and simple.

In addition to polishing up Sync Agent, we’re pleased to provide the following fixes and added features:

New features

  • Sync Agent updated to version number
  • Disable Constant Sync – In this mode, the sync from QuickBooks to BigTime only occurs on demand. This feature gives you more control over when you want QuickBooks to update BigTime. (Syncing from BigTime to QuickBooks continues to be automatic.)
  • Implemented an update feature in the Sync Agent.
  • Added a Reset + Sync button to QuickBooks Desktop integration page
  • Added functionality to detect/report firewall problems in Sync Agent.

Resolved issues

  • Disk Error pop-ups were occurring during a sync.
  • QuickBooks Online integration page indicated connection even for active Sync Agent users.
  • Posting a credit with a discount Item was failing to post the amount into QuickBooks.
  • Pushing more than one job to QuickBooks was not transferring all updates.
  • When posting Invoices, sales tax data was being lost.
  • Recurring Engagements/Series Master was not properly showing the Accounting tab.

We’re already making progress on the next series of updates. We’ll post again soon with details about what’s on the horizon.