Product Update: February 2017

  • Feb 08,2017
Puxatony Phil might have predicted six more weeks of winter, but we’re pretty much okay with that. (We are in Chicago after all.) Besides, with a new year in full swing, we are eager to share what we’ve been up to so far in 2017: improvements to BigTime’s synchronization tools with Quickbooks and Lacerte, a faster way for project leads to add themselves to teams, and reporting made even easier.

A Better Sync Agent

Last winter we announced Sync Agent, our tool for syncing QuickBooks data with BigTime IQ. Since then we have been working to make it even better. Here are some of the enhancements you’ll notice.
  • LPL-3518: More than one Quickbooks Desktop file? Now there’s an easy way to identify when those files were created.
  • LPL-3477: Have more than one administrator using Sync Agent? No problem. A secondary admin should have no problem logging in.
  • LPL-3370: We’re always here to troubleshoot and provide solutions. If you run into problems with Sync Agent, now there’s more detailed logging behind the scenes that will help us help you even more swiftly
We launched TaxLink for Lacerte 2016 at the start of the year, just in time for tax season. We promised that we would keep you posted on improvements, so here are a few you can expect to find in February.
  • LPL-3459: Duplicates are troublesome; now you won’t have to worry about any duplicate status codes for your returns lingering on your Engagement Manager in BigTime.
  • LPL-3456: We solved problems with incorrect contact information on individual returns.
  • LPL-3460: For spousal information on individual returns filed jointly, spousal information will appear as a secondary contact.
Also, a quick tip on promise date and due date: The promise date in Lacerte 2016 defaults to the federal due date. We don’t currently have a way to overwrite this, but we have a quick fix (for now).
We recommend creating a Due Date custom field for your returns on your Engagement Manager in BigTime. Once you have this set up, you are free to edit due dates for returns as you see fit. Read up on creating custom fields on our Knowledgebase.

Check Here to Add Yourself to the Team

LPL-2581: We’re big fans of making things more efficient. That’s what we brought to the client/project creation process. Instead of team leads or project managers having to make sure they’re added to project teams, there’s a checkbox for that.
Simply place a checkmark next to this box to kill two birds with one stone: create a new client and make sure you’re on the team. Need a refresher on how user access rights and security groups function when it comes to project and client creation? Head on over to BigTime’s Knowledgebase and read about customizing user access rights and how to create custom security groups.

Reports That Don’t Leave You Guessing

LPL-3005: We pride ourselves on all the options available from the BigTime Report Center. Of course, another thing we always strive to do is enhance your user experience. That’s what inspired this enhancement. If you have a date filter applied to a report, you won’t have to wonder if that’s active or the details of the date range. We’ll have this displayed for you next to Edit Report Settings.

Let Us Know What you Think

That’s just a small glimpse of what we’ve been working on. We’ll keep working to bring you more improvements. If you have questions, don’t forget about the BigTime Knowledgebase. And if you have comments on what’s covered there (or not), send us feedback—click “Helpful” or “Unhelpful”— and submit a support ticket directly from an article if you need more help.