Product Update: December 2016

  • Dec 09,2016
BigTime Time and Billing Product Update
The sun sets a bit earlier these days here in our home base of Chicago, but we haven’t let that stall our forward momentum. We’ve been hard at work improving the time-tracking, billing, and project management software you know and love. This month we have some exciting news about the way you view your workflow, how Slack will make BigTime work even better for you, and some new-and-improved print invoice features.

Introducing the Workflow Menu and Subtasks

We know tasks, phases, engagements, or whatever your firm might call them, are central to budgeting, project management, and your overall workflow in BigTime. That’s why we renamed the Tasks menu item as Workflow.
BigTime Workflow menu item
From the Workflow menu, you’ll now be able to view your Task Dashboard in an even more expansive way—because we’ve added the ability to create and group items as subtasks under specific projects and set budgets for those subtasks or the task group.
BigTime Task Groups and sub-tasks
And with the click of a button, you can toggle through the option of viewing all tasks, tasks by project, or tasks by both project and task group. This gives you a deeper level of dimension for use in staying on track against project estimates and budgets.
BigTime different project views
Read Creating Subtasks for more step-by-step details.

How Subtasks will Appear Across BigTime

  • Task Group Names: If you decide to use task grouping, the entire system will reflect a task group by its Group Name: Task Name, i.e., ABC Company: Complex Task List.
  • Picklist View: If task grouping is in place, wherever you see task picklists in BigTime, you’ll also see that subtasks will appear under the relevant task group name, which will display in green.
    BigTime picklist view
  • Reporting: You will be able to track transactions and report on budget status against subtasks by selecting subtask-related details for inclusion on task-related reports.
    BigTime task details
  • Invoicing: You now have the option of displaying task group information on PDF invoices.
    BigTime task groups on invoices
    You can also now display the estimated remaining budget for task groups, controlling the level of detail you’d like to show about task grouping on the print invoice.
    BigTime task group remaining budgets on invoices
Visit our knowledgebase to read more about customizing PDF invoice output.

Slack Integration

We use Slack at BigTime to streamline the way we communicate. In the spirit of continuously seeking ways to help you work more efficiently, we’re excited to announce a Slack integration with BigTime IQ Pro. In a nutshell, this integration will enable notices in BigTime straight to Slack for even speedier attention to items that need action. Take a look at this handy guide to get started with Slack for BigTime today.
BigTime and Slack integration

Invoicing Enhancements

We strive to provide you with a range of options to help you customize your print invoices. Here are a couple of new offerings to help meet your needs. Remaining Budget Column: You will now be able to include, either by dollar amount or percentage, a remaining value of the estimated budget against what’s been billed.
BigTime remaining budgets on invoices
Sorting Options on Time/Expense details: You asked for the ability to sort by a selected value—and we listened. Now, from the Time and Expense Details tab within the PDF invoice configuration area, you can choose which value you’d like to sort by. The default is descending. Uncheck the descending checkbox to change this sorting arrangement.
BigTime data sorting on invoices

Other Noteworthy Fixes and Improvements

  • The BCC function is up and running for e-mail invoicing.
  • If a project’s billing status is inactive, that project will be removed from the WIP on the Invoicing dashboard.
  • For the submission box for Timesheets, all timesheet submission periods will now work to auto-check the checkbox for the latest week of unsubmitted time.
  • DCAA administrators will now be able to submit on behalf of other users.
  • The Payroll exception area will now display according to your lexicon settings.
  • The search box on the Task Dashboard will no longer be case sensitive.
  • Users that enter receipt images from the web application will also be able to view these receipts via the iPhone mobile app.
  • When running a report, users will no longer have to guess if the system is frozen or just working. You’ll get an indication that data loading is in progress.
  • Instead of a picklist drop-down menu, users will now see an icon on the Project Dashboard, just as you’ll see on the Task Dashboard, to click between the flat or hierarchy view.
  • You can now adjust the Invoice Notes/Memo on drafted invoices.

BigTime Software delivers real-time, metrics-driven time tracking, billing and project management for 2,000 customers and tracks more than $2 billion (USD) in billings annually. BigTime is a venture-funded company based in Chicago serving the professional services sector.