Painless Online Time Tracking with BigTime IQ

  • Aug 27,2015

“Everybody hates recording time.  We all wish it could be siphoned out of our brains and directly into the system, but BigTime IQ makes it all simple and easy, with online time tracking”

leanswift Matt Rakowski

Matt Rakowski
Director of Services, LeanSwift, Inc.

For many in the IT consulting industry, the process of tracking and recording time is a pain – a necessary evil that must be endured in order to be paid.

But for Cocoa Beach, Florida’s LeanSwift, a global leader in eCommerce and Mobile solutions for Infor M3, the process has been streamlined and simplified to its most efficient essence, with BigTime’s online time tracking software.

What’s the silver bullet?

According to LeanSwift’s Director of Services, Matt Rakowski, the key has been their work with BigTime IQ.

According to Rakowski, the key elements that set BigTime apart from other services are the facts that it is feature-rich and extremely easy to use for time keeping.  Without BigTime, he says, “…we would go back to the old days.  That would include the loss of hours of efficiency while we chase people down for invoicing.” The customizations available through IQ save LeanSwift time, too, he says.  Now, all they have to do in order to get paid is generate invoices, send them out and wait for the confirmations to roll in.

That customizability gives LeanSwift employees more individual control over their projects, too.  Doing it that way, instead of having people run pieces of projects saves steps and valuable time along the way.  With the power to generate reports and invoices, he says, BigTime cuts the back and forth between QuickBooks and project managers – and that’s just more efficient.

Matt also says that, when it came time to switch systems, the transition to IQ was even easier than he had hoped. “Our conversion was really smooth”, he said. “there were few, if any hiccups.  Their support staff is really friendly, flexible and easy to access, and that’s key when money is on the line”.

In fact, with BigTime IQ, tracking hours is so easy, it prompted one of Matt’s associates to say that it is the best online time tracking software that she has ever used.

And that’s about as good as it gets.