• Nov 15,2018

Most professional service companies want to improve billable utilization rate, or the amount of time staffers spend doing billable work. But how? This post gives you four ways to take action today.

1. Track time

Daily time tracking is one of the best ways to find out where staffers spend their time. Some project managers encourage staffers to track project time at the end of the day. Others prefer staffers to track time throughout their day, as they move from project to project. Either way, make tracking time a daily habit.


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  • Nov 12,2018

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” said Peter Drucker, the late management guru and writer. This quote underscores why utilization rates matter: it’s a way to measure performance in order to get the most from your employees.

Utilization rate refers to time spent doing billable work. Fred, for example, has a utilization rate of 75%. This means he spends most of his time doing tasks he’ll bill to a client. By contrast, Max has a utilization rate of 30% because he spends most of his day on non-billable work: attending

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  • Nov 08,2018

Are your staffers being used to their capacity? Are they logging billable hours? What’s their billable productivity rate? These are important questions that project managers had trouble answering—until now.

Know where your staffers stand with BigTime’s Utilization Dashboard.* It takes the guesswork out of staffer productivity and performance. This customizable Dashboard shows staffer utilization based on allocated hours, inputted hours, and billable hours for specific projects. Plus, you can see these details based on department and/or various cost centers.

This post explains how to find the Dashboard and

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  • Nov 05,2018

You’ve long been able to customize bill rates. Now you can customize cost rates, which work in a similar way. Custom cost rates are the “exception” to the cost rate “rule.”

Each staffer has a cost rate on their Staff Dashboard. Our staffer, Jason, has a cost rate of $75, which is applied despite the task or project he logs time to. Think of this rate as Jason’s standard cost rate, or the “rule.”

However, Jason, like many other staffers, has different cost rates depending on the project and task he’s working on.

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  • Nov 01,2018

It’s a common scenario. Staffers’ billable and non-billable hours bottleneck in the approval process, since it takes time to sift through both billable and nonbillable hours for each staffer.

BigTime’s billable/non-billable approval feature streamlines this process. Now you can divide up time approvals for billable and non-billable time for each staffer.

Here’s how it works. Your staffer Ruth logs billable hours to a project for Putman Associates. These hours are filtered to the lead, Henry, who sees these hours and can approve or reject them (see image below). If there’s not a

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