• Jun 17,2019
There’s one word that summarizes this release: customize. Although you’ve long been able to customize many aspects of your BigTime environment, this release is filled with many more ways to do so. Custom invoicing is one such example.

With custom invoicing, you can do things that basic BigTime invoice templates can’t. Add detailed descriptions, formulas that automatically calculate, as well as conditions to execute line items only if the condition is met. It’s ideal for many of your invoicing needs, from retainer-based billing to discounted rates.

Other examples include Read More

  • Jun 13,2019
Measuring Productivity with a Billable Utilization Rate: Where to Start

How do you even begin to measure your firm’s productivity? What are you supposed to do when you have to know whether your firm is billing at capacity? You can start by measuring your billable utilization rate.

That’s when you compare an employee’s total billable hours to their monthly capacity. For example, in a given month, a worker might have a capacity of 160 hours (or 40 hours per week by 4 weeks in Read More

  • Jun 10,2019
For smaller professional service firms, balancing the consulting you’re passionate about with the mandatory business management to run your practice can be difficult. While the client is always the priority, it’s like they say about oxygen masks before take-off, you must help yourself before assisting others.

To keep your practice afloat and running profitably, it’s important to keep a constant pulse on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and make adjustments to optimize your work and plan for future projects. Often firms without a PSA (professional services automation) Read More

  • Jun 05,2019
This is How It Always Goes

It’s 3:00 pm on a Friday when your most important client calls with an urgent request that your firm must absolutely complete by morning. It won’t be easy. You spend over an hour figuring out who is available to work, since your system is disorganized and out of date, but you still can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly. There’s just too much you cannot see.

And you can’t be expected to predict the future, right? You can’t expect to know exactly how Read More