Overcome Consulting Firm Challenges

  • Mar 01,2018

Managing your consulting firm just got a lot easier

consulting firm challenges

It’s tough to handle multiple projects, deadlines, budgets, and staffers. As your consulting business grows so does the need for a single, integrated management system.

That’s where BigTime comes in. Our unified platform integrates with QuickBooks, Slack, and other commonly used apps, and streamlines business management. It eliminates the gaps that tend to occur between business sectors, from project management to billing. So when you choose BigTime, you choose a cohesive solution that gives you visibility into your business.

Our four-part approach is the answer to the most common challenges consulting firms face today. Here’s how it works:

  • Manage demand. Can you take on more work? Do you need to hire more staffers? Get answers to these questions with resource allocation. It’s a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of business planning. Get data-driven analyses about your staff and projects, so you can evaluate opportunities.
  • Schedule and plan. Use BigTime to manage your projects and resources. Anticipate monthly revenue, get detailed reporting on project and staff performance, and plan for future work. Now you can stay organized, hit budgets and deadlines, and keep your staffers busy, and, consequently, engaged.
  • Time tracking and billing. We track over $2bn of billable time each year, and know how to make time tracking easy and worthwhile. Our 2016 study found that adding a 140 character note—the length of a Tweet—to timesheet entries produces a 4.95% higher billing realization rate compared to entries without them. Plus, you can customize invoices in BigTime, adding as much or as little detail to them as your clients require.
  • Collaborate and analyze. Use our custom and pre-built reports to get details about your business. Learn if your staffers are over or under capacity, for example, or measure realization. Share these reports with select BigTime users in your firm, or make them publically available to your entire firm.

Managing a consulting firm is no easy feat. But BigTime can make the process smoother. Learn more about some of the features associated with our approach:

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