October 2018 Release

  • Oct 04,2018
You’ll find several BigTime features working better and faster. That’s the result of our recent release. We’ve made a lot of technical changes to enhance your workflow and to provide stronger security. Read on to find out how we’ve improved your BigTime experience.

October 2018 Fixes

We made these changes to better BigTime’s usability:
  • Imported class data from QuickBooks Desktop updates automatically
  • Improved the speed on your Invoicing Dashboard, including A/R Aging
  • Fixed the Sync Agent to include QuickBooks updates, even when the “last modified” date is empty
  • Enhanced the invoicing creation process, so all work in progress appears on the invoice you create
  • View invoice PDFs in Salesforce or BigTime
  • See the custom fields you create for a project on the Project Dashboard—whether or not the field contains a space or underscore
  • Export invoices from BigTime to QuickBooks without issue
Next we’ll explain some additional updates you can expect with this release.

Better “strong password” policy

Some firms require users to have a “strong password,” which is a password that has a minimum length and complexity requirements. We’ve updated this policy so users cannot re-use a password and passwords must have a minimum of eight characters.

Add task custom fields to time and expense report types

The custom fields you create on your tasks are included in your time and expense reports. Add a custom field to your task, as seen in the image above. Then, go to your Report Center (Reports…Report Center) and create a time or expense report. The custom fields from the task will be included in the report.

Rate updates run in the background

BigTime updates billing rates for a staffer or project automatically. However, if you want to make a change immediately, you can still click “update rates” to manually update billing rates.

Enhanced security

We go to great lengths to protect your data. That’s why we conduct a BigTime Annual Security Review each year. After this year’s review, we’ve taken several more steps to ensure BigTime is secure for you. These security updates include:
  • Adding more cross-site scripting and injection protections to keep your data safe from phishing attacks.
  • Adding more protections against elevation-of-privilege attacks from existing users within your firm. (Please note that this may require some users to request additional security rights for actions in the system they were previously able to execute with limited user rights.)
  • Enhancing file-type detectors, which help us to prevent non-image and non-PDF files from being uploaded as expense receipts or logo files.
Plus, our servers only support TLS (transport layer security) 1.2 over HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure), and the JavaScript libraries we use at BigTime have been updated. Keep an eye on our blog for more BigTime news and updates.