New York Times Recognizes QuickBooks Online

  • Apr 11,2016
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In yesterday’s edition of the The New York Times, you might have read Vindu Goel’s piece in the Technology section called Intuit Sheds Its PC Roots and Rises as a Cloud Software Company. (If not, we recommend it!) Having integrated with Quickbooks from its early days, the BigTime Software team was pleased to see Intuit’s commitment to the cloud being recognized — and so clearly explained. Intuit’s shift to the cloud includes encouraging users of their QuickBooks Desktop product to switch to QuickBooks Online. This move is a big plus for both Intuit and its millions of users.

Thanks to our strong relationship with Intuit, BigTime has developed the industry’s most powerful QuickBooks integration for time and billing software. We’ve enjoyed the benefits of cloud-based integration for quite a while now. “BigTime has been doing the kind of integration described in this article for years,” says Brian Saunders, our esteemed CEO and development guru. “The idea that businesses should be able to select best of breed applications instead of relying on one vendor for everything is powerful.”

Here are just a few more of the major advantages of integrating QuickBooks and BigTime IQ:

  • You can use BigTime to track time and billing, and use QuickBooks to track A/R. Both systems offer best-of-breed functionality, and you don’t have to compromise.
  • Your BigTime project list comes from QuickBooks, but BigTime lets you add “user-level” security — so everyone sees only what they’re supposed to see on their Timesheet and in reports. But QuickBooks remains the “source of truth” organization-wide.
  • The reports that QuickBooks offers are great, but BigTime can layer data on top of those reports that only professional services firms care about. QuickBooks provides a set of general accounting reports, but our users rely on BigTime for a more comprehensive set of industry-specific metrics — all drawing from the same pool of information.
  • You get to use our cloud infrastructure to integrate with thousands of other applications (including Zapier and Lacerte) that weren’t economically feasible before..
  • You can test the specific integration you need in BigTime IQ during your free trial period. And you can do the testing using your actual QuickBooks data, without any risk of affecting the data.

The global rise of cloud computing and storage represents a major evolutionary change. We know that, in cases like this, not everyone is prepared for such a dramatic shift. Many of our customers who use QuickBooks Desktop don’t yet feel prepared to move their data into the cloud. If you’re in that group, we’ve got you covered.

So congratulations, Intuit on a great story… And best wishes for continued success in the cloud-computing era!

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