New BigTime Features and Fixes

  • Dec 06,2017

Plan for your businesses’ needs and get more tailored information at your fingertips with BigTime’s new features and fixes. This product release is bound to improve your BigTime experience.

Revenue Projections

Take the guesswork out of business planning by making revenue projections, an option in the resource allocation feature. Forecast revenue by project or across staffers, and find out which months you’ll be cashflow positive. Or learn which staffers are bringing in the most revenue during the next three months.  

There are two ways to forecast revenue:

  • Hourly (Rate*Budget): revenue projections based on your staffer’s hourly billing rate.
  • Fixed Fee (% of Overall Budget): revenue projections based on the fixed amount that’ll be billed to the client for the work you do or services you provide.

After you make your selection, you can run a report to get revenue projections. Use this information to get an aerial view of your business. For example, you can see who’s bringing in the most revenue. Or find out which months you’ll have a surplus of cash.

Firms with the Premier subscription can access resource allocation. If you’re an existing Pro user you can get a free 14-day trial to see if resource allocation fits your business needs. To find out more, contact your sales representative or email us at [email protected].

Invoice Update

You now have the option to exclude unapproved time and expenses from your invoices. This customization option allows your invoices to include the information that’s important to you and relevant to your client.

Task Editor

We’ve made the Task Editor even easier to use: you no longer need to hit “save” when you make an edit to the Task Editor. Turn on the “autosave” feature and BigTime will save your changes automatically.


We’ve made several smaller fixes to improve your BigTime experience. Here are a few of them:

  • Improved load times on the Task and Project Dashboards for customers with greater than 10,000 items on either list.
  • Clear out the fields "sales tax rate" and "notes" on existing invoice line items.
  • Invoices now always list fees first and then expenses.
  • View report-level receipts on a staffer’s expense history window.
  • Specify bi-weekly start dates on the timesheet settings window.
  • Improvements to timers, including an edit feature that allows staffers to pause a timer, make edits to it, and restart it again.
  • Submit time using the iPhone app without selecting a task.

We’ve added several fields to the report engine for task-based and project-based reports, and expanded the drill-down options. You’ll also find that percent values and currency values are formatted correctly on all reports.