New BigTime IQ Pro features let users print invoices and expense reports with receipts

  • Jan 29,2015
BigTime IQ Pro’s invoicing and expense report features now make it easy for users to provide backup for expense reporting and invoicing. The new BigTime IQ Pro features let users print attached receipts with expense reports and invoices, or create a customized PDF to save or email. It is a snap to create and submit a work related expense with an attached receipt in BigTime IQ Pro. You can upload the receipt from your computer to BigTime in your internet browser, or take a picture with the camera on your smartphone directly from the BigTime mobile app before saving or submitting right from the palm of your hand. When the BigTime administrator is ready to run expense reports, they can now be printed with the corresponding receipt right from the Expenses page by clicking on the printer icon located in each expense report row. This helps BigTime administrators keep all the information that they need organized and readily available. Expense Print When you click on the printer, you will be prompted to choose the printing format for attached receipts. Invoice Print Likewise, BigTime users can now attach receipts to invoices and email them to clients right from BigTime IQ with all pertinent information included. Just customize your invoice PDF style to include receipts and set the receipt format (similar to the Expenses page). For more information on creating and customizing invoices, watch the BigTime IQ Pro invoicing webinar.