Managing Millennials Differently: The Future of Time and Billing Software

  • Jul 29,2016

John S. Howell, Jr., Executive Chairman of BigTime Software, Inc. was recently interviewed by The Huffington Post to find out where the industry of time and billing software is heading with millennials.

64% of millennials say they consider work from home a higher priority than compensation when taking on a new job.

“Millennials don’t want to be restricted to just working from their desk on a Windows machine,” Howell said. “They want to use Macs, Chromebooks, smartphones and tablets. This helps productivity, it helps them pursue other interests and ventures and keeps them more satisfied in their jobs.”

Managing Millenials and The Future of Time and Billing Software - Read the Huffington Post Article

As everything is moving to the cloud, time and billing software is no exception. The cloud makes it possible for companies to manage multiple projects from multiple locations and is easier for employees to use. And, millennials can use it whether working from home or the beach.

Quoting Howell, “One of the underappreciated elements of cloud computing is the ease with which vendors can integrate their applications behind the scenes for a completely seamless customer experience. For example, there are 6 million businesses that use QuickBooks for accounting – many are professional service firms.” It should be noted that BigTime has one of the best QuickBooks integrations in the industry.

Read the full article on The Huffington Post.

Recently named one of the Top 6 Indispensable Small Business Tools for Productivity in 2016 by, BigTime was used by customers to bill over $2 billion in invoices in 2015.