Knowledge Base Updates – September 2017

  • Sep 28,2017

We’re excited to share the changes you’ll find on our Knowledge Base (KB). You can expect:

  • New articles on existing and recently added features.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Updates to existing articles.

Now you’ll have the resources you need when you’re burning the midnight oil and have a BigTime product or feature question.

New KB Articles

There are several new article series that you’ll find helpful, including:

We’ve also written articles on our new and updated features: task editor, resource allocation, and timers.

Video Tutorials

Are you a visual learner? Then, you’ll love our new video tutorials.

We’re creating short video tutorials that explain BigTime functions and features. These videos are ideal for people who prefer watching how to use a feature, instead of reading an article about it.

Below are a few recent video tutorials that we’ve added to the KB: Editing Picklists in BigTime Video Tutorial Customizing Expense Entries Video Tutorial Your Company’s Lexicon and Settings Video Tutorial

These tutorials are short and to the point. That way, you have the information you need to get up and running with BigTime quickly. NOTE: Search “video tutorial” on the KB homepage, and you’ll see all of the videos we’ve created.

Updates to Existing Articles

As with anything in life, sometimes things become out of date. For this reason, we’re proactively updating existing KB articles, so you have the most relevant and accurate information at your fingertips.

Recently updated articles include: Calendar Integration with BigTime Setting Up Service Fees Assign Staffers to Security Groups Security: Create Staff Departments with Managerial Rights

The KB is one way we’re trying to make your BigTime experience a great one. Keep an eye on our blog for more KB updates.