3 Ways to Get More Out of Business Books Using the Kindle App For PC

  • Nov 01,2016
3 Ways To Get More Out of Business Books Using the Kindle for PC App

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” Thank you, Francis Bacon, late 16th century English philosopher, statesman and promoter of the scientific method. Bacon, with an apparent skill for one-liners, also received attribution for the phrase, “Knowledge is power.”

The challenge for busy 21st-century professionals is finding the time to consume and digest the knowledge resident in books. According to Bloomberg News, publishers put out as many as 11,000 new business titles each year. This number doesn’t include the untold number of self-published business ebooks.

Getting More Out of Business Books in Less Time

John Howell, Chairman at BigTime Software, Co-founder at Acumatica and Co-founder and former CEO of Solomon Software knows a thing or two about managing time. In the video that follows, he introduces you to the Kindle PC app and how he uses it to get the most out of the business books he reads.

Share Your Knowledge

The copy/paste feature makes it easy to excerpt a paragraph, insert it into a document and share your knowledge. Though Francis Bacon probably didn’t say it, the real power of knowledge is sharing it. That’s exactly what John Howell does.