An iPhone timesheet app can be the key to cloud computing for SMB.

  • Apr 07,2015
iPhone Timesheet App
You know that tracking time and capacity of your staffers is crucial, but is a desktop or cloud option the right answer for you? Although desktop time tracking and practice management software can be great tools for monitoring employee capacity and productivity, they can be cumbersome. Desktop solutions are typically only helpful if you use one application that you need “bolted to the floor” in one location. In this increasingly mobile society, however, few of us are tethered anywhere and are itinerant multi-taskers, whether owing to travel, busy schedule or both.

So what is cloud computing?

Cloud applications are by nature accessible from anywhere, at any time. Cloud computing means that your software exists in a virtual space online instead of taking up space on a desktop computer or server so it is available to your staff 24 hours per day from any location with an internet connection. iPhone timesheet apps also allow staffers to track time offline from the palm of their hands, with no need to get to get your computer connected to WiFi. (Android, too.) Payroll will never again be held up because someone was absent and didn’t submit a timesheet, and jobs will remain on track regardless of where employees are working (or resting).

Is an iPhone timesheet app reliable?

The best thing about tracking time online is that cloud apps integrate well with many other programs that are both in the cloud and on your computer. For example, our time tracking product, BigTime IQ, is used as a stand-alone app by many of our customers, but it also seamlessly connects to Intuit’s Lacerte, as well as QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks desktop. The key to making cloud computing work for you is to use a mobile app so that your employees can record their time and track project status from anywhere. You could carry around a computer and navigate through websites in order to log time for a client visit, or you can pull out your iPhone timesheet app, for example, and log/submit time with only a couple taps. Introducing cloud computing to your company does not require a radical overhaul of your business processes, as it fits neatly into them and enhances existing functionality. BigTime IQ Pro and Express can also be synced with other apps via the API.

Is cloud computing safe/secure?

It can be intimidating to store confidential data in the cloud, but it is a secure process that may take better care of your data than a desktop alternative, in the long run. What will happen to your data if your computer or server crashes or experiences another hardware issue? BigTime Software uses triple encryption technology to remotely store your information in a heavily-fortified digital environment. iPhone timesheet apps also don’t store data locally on the smartphone and entries there are subject to the same security as logging in through a browser. Is 2015 the year that your company explores cloud computing software and enters the 21st century, to optimize efficiency and cut costs associated with productivity loss or inaccurate time/expense tracking? Questions about tracking time and/or expenses in the cloud? Call us at 312-346-4646 or email us at [email protected]