Invoicing Options and Other Cool Features Come to BigTime

  • Mar 23,2017

Product Update: March 2017

When you’re preparing invoices in BigTime, you need options. Each client has different invoicing requirements and you need to move quickly from one style to another. It’s easier than ever to customize invoices, and this update gives you the option to create a simple summary of time and expenses.

How Customizing Invoices Works

You can personalize the appearance of your invoices with company information like your logo, font style, personalized message, and more. If you mail printed invoices, the system will size the invoice so it fits perfectly in a #9 window envelope. One of those little things that make your work life a lot easier. You can also configure which details show up on your invoices. Here’s how that works.

Configuring Invoice Details

When we talk about invoice details, we mean the actual line items that you (and your client) want to see. Invoice details can include line items plus tax rates, time and expenses, budget status, receipts and more.

Creating a Summary Invoice

With this update, you can create a simple summary of transactions (time and expenses). It’s easy to do. Either edit an existing template, or create a new one. You can step through the process in our knowledgebase under Time/Expense details in step 3 of the invoice editor. Check off the Time/Expense fields you’d like to include and the printout will show the summary of those transactions. No, really. It’s that easy. Just like the screenshot below. Blog_screenshot_1 Tip: You can still sort and group in the new Summary Invoice feature. When you’re all done, your Summary Invoice might look something like this. Blog_screenshot_2

Managing Tax Returns

Many of our accounting firm customers use BigTime’s TaxLink integration with the tax preparation program Lacerte. We’ve been listening to our users and this release shows it. We improved the overall performance of TaxLink so it’s easier than ever for Lacerte users to sync tax return updates. All you have to do is uninstall your current Tax Link from the Control Panel and reinstall using this handy guide.

Managing Tax Return Due Dates

We also resolved a pesky Lacerte issue that was wreaking havoc with our users’ ability to manage tax return due dates. Now, you can turn off those due dates originating from Lacerte and manage due dates in BigTime — just by checking a few boxes. To see and use this new option, go to Lacerte integration settings. Blog_screenshot_3

More Lacerte Integration Enhancements

It’s the small things that add up to a big difference when it comes to ease of use and productivity. Let’s say that you decide to modify the workflow for your Lacerte returns sometime in the future. The system will automatically recognize and apply those changes. You won’t have to run the sync or even remember to run the sync. Confirming that details matter, we changed the menu options on our TaxLink app. Now, when you want to view log files or program files, the menu items clearly communicate the choices. Blog_screenshot_4

Expense Reports with Tax Summary for Canadian Users

In this release, we’ve added new reports for our Canadian users and enhanced the performance of our integration with QuickBooks Desktop Canada. Users can now print off their own expense reports with tax summary information. Blog_screenshot_5We also corrected the way that tax summaries displayed, showing the proper net and tax amounts on invoice print templates. And we corrected certain picklists related to taxes that weren’t displaying properly for our QuickBooks Desktop Canada users.

Managing Timers Across Time Zones

If you have employees who work in different time zones, our Timers feature now convert timers to time entries regardless of the time zone. Admins can specify the home time zone where the employee resides. You can do this in MY COMPANY…STAFF LIST by clicking on the employee’s  name. Otherwise, the timer will use the specified timezone in MY COMPANY…MY COMPANY as the default for all staffers. If you do not specify a timezone for either your firm or staff, the timer will default to PST timezone. Blog_screenshot_6

Managing QuickBooks Desktop Using SyncAgent

If you use BigTime’s Sync Agent to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, you may, on occasion, have to log back in with a new password. But you won’t have to kick everyone out of QuickBooks to reconnect on that machine. We’ll remember your previously configured settings. You’ll appreciate the convenience. So will your colleagues. These features will be available on IQ Pro. If you have questions, feel free to contact our support team via [email protected]. To keep up with product updates, industry-relevant trends, and our time billing research studies, subscribe to our blog. BigTime Software delivers real-time, metrics-driven time tracking, billing and project management for more than 2,000 professional firms, tracking over $2 billion (USD) worth of billable time each year.