BigTime Makes Invoicing Simple

  • Apr 24,2018

It’s never been a better time to invoice with BigTime. Recent enhancements make invoicing easier with more custom options available, streamlining the entire process. Read on to learn how our new invoicing features will save you time.

Enter a Payment from the Invoice Overview Dashboard

We’ve made entering payments even easier, allowing you to enter a payment right from the Invoice…Overview page.

invoicing payment

Click on the Make Payment button in order to select a customer and then apply the payment to any of the customer’s outstanding invoices. We’ll even pre-apply the amounts you enter, so logging payments is easier than ever.

Show Unpaid A/R on Your Printed Invoices

For customers with more than one outstanding invoice, keeping track of total ‘balance due’ amounts can be challenging. With BigTime’s new customization options, you can now include all outstanding invoices for a client on a single invoice. It’s an indirect reminder to your client about their unpaid invoices, and saves you from sending repeat invoices for missing payments.

unpaid invoices

And, don’t forget that you can create a report that shows ALL of a customer’s invoices (along with payment dates, payment amounts and payment reference numbers) in case a customer gets confused about where their prior payments have been applied.

Bulk Post Invoices to QuickBooks

For customers that post their invoices to QuickBooks, we’ve added a bulk-action to make that posting process even easier. You can now use the “bulk actions” feature on your invoice draft screen to post several invoices to QB at once.

post invoices to Quickbooks

If BigTime has trouble figuring out the items or accounts that invoices ought to be posted against, we’ll red-flag the invoices we couldn’t sort out and let your team drill and correct those exceptions one at a time.

Locate Invoices Based on their Status

We’ve updated the Invoice Overview Dashboard (Invoicing…Overview) in the lastest release as well. Invoices with a status of “drafted” or “approved” are accessible in the Drafts tile. Those with a status of “sent,” “paid/closed,” “posted,” or “disputed” are accessible in the Finals tile. Note that the Finals view still shows all invoices within the current calendar month.

Invoice status

Show Project Team Roles on Your Printed Invoices

If you show customers time/expense details on your printed invoices, then we’ve added “team role” to the list of fields you can include in that detail. Now, you can adjust your printed invoice(s) to show project team roles, like “senior engineer” or “project manager” on the PDF invoices you email to your customers.

Invoicing software - team roles

You may also enjoy learning about a few other invoicing options:

Completing a project is the hard part, invoicing should be simple. Use the above features and you’ll find that invoicing with BigTime just got a lot easier.