BigTime has your back on the Intuit Sync Manager!

  • Dec 10,2015
By now most BigTime customers that also use the Intuit Sync Manager received the news from Intuit that they are eliminating the sync manager product was first announced in 2014. When our development team heard the news, we were excited! BigTime has been working with the Intuit SDK for almost 15 years. The new BigTime sync agent is faster; it’s less error-prone; and it’s more feature-rich than the Intuit Sync Manager. Intuit Sync Manager Discontinued? No Problem!“We’ve been quietly working on a new and improved version of the BigTime sync utility for about 14 months,” says Brian Saunders, BigTime’s CEO and development guru. “Intuit Sync Manager has always been a bit of a headache, so replacing it with something we can control will be a big improvement for everyone involved.” For those customers who are using BigTime’s IQ Pro and IQ Express, BigTime will be releasing a sync agent in February 2016. Early feedback from customers using Quickbooks Desktop has been positive, and the updates are pretty simple. Customers will simply download the sync agent from BigTime’s integration page in-product, register it with their QBW file, and the agent takes care of the rest. “So far, the transition is more-or-less invisible,” says Brian Gilmartin, controller at one of the early beta users for the improved sync agent. “On the positive side, we have access to a lot of the data that Intuit Sync Manager used to hide – so BigTime can show us A/R aging and other stuff that we missed when we migrated to it.” Intuit mandated the use of their sync agent (Intuit Sync Manager) with the products listed in the App Center when it was first released in 2010. “We have been working with the Quickbooks Desktop Standard Developer’s Kit (SDK) for almost 15 years,” says Jake Matyas, BigTime’s COO. The SDK is the connection platform that Intuit is providing as its syncing mechanism for Quickbooks Desktop customers going forward. “Our enterprise customers are already using a sync agent powered by the SDK, so we had a foundation to build on,” Matyas says. “Now, our team is finalizing one of the most robust Quickbooks integration engines on the planet” BigTime is working with a small set of customers to test out the functionality in 2015 before rolling the product out nationally in Q1 2016. “In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to our customers with specific instructions on what the process will be for transitioning to the new BigTime sync agent for Quickbooks Desktop,” says Saunders. “We will have all of our customers up and running in plenty of time ahead of the Intuit Sync Manager’s discontinuation.” Until then, IQ Pro and IQ Express customers will continue to use the Intuit Sync Manager to facilitate their data exchange with Quickbooks Desktop. Look for additional news, demos and more as the rollout kicks into gear in February.