Intuit Recognizes BigTime as the “Best” Time Tracking and Billing App for Professional Services Businesses

  • Jul 02,2018
BigTime tracks over $2 billion worth of billable time each year, and people are noticing how convenient and easy we make it.* On May 14, Intuit ranked BigTime in their top five for time tracking apps in the QuickBooks app store, based on customer ratings, and calls BigTime the “best for professional services businesses.” Intuit praises BigTime, and says “large offices in the professional services industry have a lot to gain…BigTime provides a full-service time tracking solution.” It points out that BigTime’s app accommodates a variety of industries, such as engineers, accountants, and architects, and “offers its own Spanish app for bilingual offices.” The article highlights several app benefits. Project management is one. “Assign due dates, budgets, staff assignments, and more—all in one place.” Companies want an integrated solution—software that can handle all of their project management needs, which includes tracking time, assigning projects and budgets, and creating reports. This is why BigTime is your integrated project-management solution. Resource allocation is a powerful tool that helps project managers plan for future work, allocate staffer’s time, and gauge project and staffer performance. Run reports using BigTime’s Report Wizard to get metrics on time tracking, invoicing, payroll, and task lists. Plus, you can integrate BigTime with other products, like QuickBooks and Salesforce. Intuit also highlights BigTime’s DCAA timekeeping, and calls it a “fantastic time tracking solution for government contractors.” Whether or not your company requires DCAA compliance, there’s much to like about tracking time with BigTime. As a cloud-based product, staffers can enter and submit time anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, BigTime offers customizable timesheets, so staffers can add details associated with their billed time, such as project, task, and notes. In fact, according to our 2016 study, timesheet entries with notes of 140 characters yield a 4.95% higher billing realization rate compared to those without notes. This means the small to mid-size US professional services market could increase billings by $35 billion just by adding on timesheet notes the length of a tweet. BigTime helps you run your business effectively, as the customer testimonial included in Intuit’s articles suggests. It quotes BigTime user Vicky Cristel who recognizes that BigTime makes it easy to track a project, produce informative reports, and get timely and knowledgeable help from customer support representatives. BigTime meets the challenges your firm is facing. Find out more by emailing us at [email protected] *Based on based on our 2016 study.