Integrate BigTime with Salesforce

  • Jul 06,2018
You’ve got a BigTime and Salesforce account, why not integrate them? Then, the two systems can communicate with each other and share relevant project and client details, like budgets, invoices, and team members. The benefits of this integration are many. First, prevent double-data entry. Each time a Salesforce opportunity reaches a specified stage in your sales pipeline of your choosing, it’s automatically added in BigTime as a project. Then, you can include project details in BigTime and sync this information with Salesforce. As a result, you’ll save time—since you no longer need to enter the same information into two systems—and reduce human errors that inevitably occur when doing tasks, like data entry, repeatedly. Another benefit is keeping your sales and project teams connected. Communicating across teams is part of managing a project effectively. Now your project and sales teams can easily stay informed, with access to relevant project details. Project managers can better allocate resources and plan for future work, since they can see project statuses. At the same time, sales teams can use Salesforce to see details, including tracked time and submitted expenses.

How the Integration Works

Integrate your BigTime and Salesforce accounts by downloading and installing the BigTime app in Salesforce. Then, connect BigTime and Salesforce, so the two systems communicate with each other. Once the setup is complete, a Salesforce opportunity, once it reaches a certain stage in the sales pipeline that you determine, will be added as a project in BigTime. In BigTime, you’ll add project and staffer details, like budgets and staffers’ bill rates. Then, manually or automatically sync your BigTime data with Salesforce, in order to view project and client details within Salesforce. Are you ready to get started? Reference these Knowledge Base articles to get up and running with the BigTIme/Salesforce integration: The BigTime/Salesforce integration is one more reason why BigTime is your go-to project management system.