New BigTime Features and Product Update

  • Jul 28,2017
If you’re looking for better ways to track projects, log time, and manage staffers, you’ll love this release. Read on to find out what’s new at BigTime.

Task Editor

One new feature is our task editor. Think of it as a one stop shop for entering task-related information for a project all at once, instead of individually on the task dashboard. Your task editor will look like this:
Project Task Editor
In the image above, the tasks are in green and the subtasks are in black beneath them. There’s a lot to like about the task editor. For one, you can add subtasks, or smaller “to do’s,” for each task. Subtasks can help you think through all the necessary steps to get a task done. For example, the task of writing a press release may include subtasks like interviewing the CEO for quotes and getting images from the marketing executive. Another benefit is using hotkeys for easy navigation. Save yourself a few mouse clicks and try these hotkeys:
  • Arrow keys (left, right, up, down) to move across cells in all directions.
  • Tab key moves across cells horizontally.
  • Enter key moves vertically within a column.
  • ALT+Down arrow key opens a picklist.
Best of all, you can customize the task editor window so tasks and subtasks are organized and sorted as you like them. In the image below, we’ll move “Write blog posts” ahead of “Build website” by clicking on the double row of dots and dragging and dropping it above “Build website.” Follow the same process for sorting subtasks.
Project Task Editor
Note: BigTime will automatically apply your existing tasks and related information, such as due dates, to the task editor. You can edit this information if you choose.

Resource Allocation

The second new feature is resource allocation. It’s hard to manage multiple projects and staffers, and that’s when resource allocation can help. With resource allocation, you can:
  • See how projects and staffers fit together. Resource allocation will get your diverse team working together on separate projects in the most effective way.
  • Plan for future work. Think ahead and allocate budgets and hours months into the future. This way you’re prepared for that big project coming up in six months.
  • Use your staffers effectively. See which staffers are being over or under utilized, and adjust hourly allocations accordingly.
Simply put, resource allocation helps you stay organized, hit deadlines, and keep your staffers busy, and, consequently, engaged. Use the resource allocation editor to input information about a project and your staffers. The editor looks like this:
Resource Allocation
Then, use the allocation graphs to get important details about the project and how it’s tracking. Find out which key staff members are logging the most hours to the project and see if your team is exceeding its budget.
Resource Allocation Report
At the same time, feel prepared when client calls unexpectedly with project-related questions, since you’ll have project details at your fingertips, and be a resource to your client. Proactively tell them if you’re running over budget on a project and propose a solution based on the data you have. Firms with the Premier level of BigTime can access resource allocation. Click here to learn more about Premier. However, if you’re an existing Pro user you can get a free 14-day trial to see if resource allocation fits your business needs. To find out more, contact your sales representative or email us at: [email protected].


We’ve updated our timer feature. Now you’ve got even more functions available. Within the timer itself, you can:
  • Stop a timer, which means BigTime keeps the timer in your list of timers and adds the incurred time to your timesheet.
  • Remove a timer, which means BigTime removes the timer from your list of timers and adds the incurred time to your timesheet.
Project Timer Stop
In your list of timers, you can now choose to “stop all timers.” This means all timers are stopped, incurred time is added to your timesheet, and the timers are kept in your list of timers. This is helpful because you’re keeping your timesheet up to date, while saving yourself some effort tomorrow when you need to access the same timers again.
Project Timer Start
We’ve made many smaller additions and changes to the system, but these are the highlights. We’ll cover some other improvements in future blog posts. If you reported an issue and it was addressed in this release please be on the lookout for a notice from our support group.