The Critical Path of Effective Practice Management

  • Sep 22,2016

For a Sane and Profitable Tax Season

Don’t be that “guy.”

The owner of an accounting practice reached out to us for a way to track client due dates, manage staff workload, and automatically track the status of client engagements. That’s great. That’s what we do. Only, he sent the email and signed up for a free trial in the middle of the night – during tax season.

Don’t be that “guy” this tax season. Invest 45 minutes of your time right now to attend the webinar, The Critical Path of Effective Practice Management. It will pay off in a saner and yes, more profitable tax season.

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The Critical Path

The critical path is a holistic way of thinking about the business process that drives workflow at accounting firms. You make the effort to get clients. You do work for them. With differing degrees of effectiveness, you track the time and expenses it takes to do the work. And, you invoice the client for the work done.

The path is a succession of steps. But here’s the problem. Even mid-sized accounting firms, who have outgrown timeslips and spreadsheets, do not have a way to connect each step in the critical path into a cohesive whole.

Fear and Dread of Details Missed

Here’s what’s at stake, especially during tax season. If you’re managing hundreds, even thousands of engagements, it’s practically impossible to keep track of all the details: who’s working on what; where is it in the process; when is it due; and how much do I charge? You also worry about inaccuracies from manual data entry that may slow down invoicing when you need to expedite it most. Your business is literally on the line.

For all of that, there’s something more important at stake. It’s your reputation. Accounting Today highlighted a recent study from the International Federation of Accountants. It revealed that accountants … are still the most trusted advisors to their small and midsize business clients.

That trust is quickly eroded with sloppy professional behavior like missed deadlines or inaccurate billing. And there’s plenty of competition out there for your clients. The emotional cost of worry is most likely exceeded by the negative economic impact that poor practice management is having on your firm.

The Critical Path and Realization in The Here and Now

As stated, the critical path reflects the business process that drives professional service. In the webinar, we will show you how the individual steps can be connected, automated, even integrated with accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Desktop, and other productivity apps. The result is realization in the here and now.

By the end of the webinar, you will see how the connected, critical path can deliver metrics-driven insight into everything you need to manage this tax season: staff performance, workflow management, work in progress – it’s all available on demand in easy-to-consume reports that are generated with a few mouse clicks.

Take away these key business benefits when you attend the webinar.

  1. You will come away with the understanding that this tax season can be managed more effectively. Better than ever before.
  2. You will see the critical path in action as we guide you through the functionally rich but easy-to-use solution that connects time tracking, billing and practice management for real-time insight into realization, and every part of your business.
  3. With specific examples and an organized curriculum, you will leave the webinar with a solid understanding of how your firm can achieve economic success and greater profitability during every season of the year.
  4. See actual examples of the metrics-driven reports that you can generate on demand at any point during the critical path.

Our Customers Are Smart and We Listen To Them

We listen to our customers and we learn from them. The BigTime IQ Pro solution has been fine tuned to solve the most common practice management problems that high-growth and mid-sized accounting practices confront.

Join us on October 5 and learn how the connected, critical path can solve your most pressing business problems. We promise, you won’t be that “guy” this tax season.

The webinar instructor is Jacob Wilson. He is the QuickBooks ProAdviser and practice management consultant to hundreds of accounting clients at BigTime.

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