BigTime TaxLink for Lacerte® 2014 coming soon!

  • Nov 20,2014
Calculator Clip ArtBigTime Software is excited to announce the upcoming release of TaxLink 2014 for Lacerte® Tax 2014 users. TaxLink is BigTime’s syncing module that connects Intuit Lacerte® Tax software with BigTime IQ. With a quick and easy download and one-click integration, you can push Lacerte® clients, statuses, engagements, and more to BigTime IQ. BigTime IQ simplified the 2013 tax year for thousands of accounting professionals and tax preparers with the premiere of TaxLink 2013. And now we are rolling out TaxLink 2014 in time for you to get started with this tax year. Tax preparers and accountants have embraced BigTime IQ because its Lacerte® integration makes it an invaluable practice management tool for this industry. You can group and filter engagements, assign staff teams to engagements in bulk or individually, manage and edit engagement statuses, and customize column views all from one convenient dashboard. The TaxLink automatically syncs information between Lacerte® and BigTime IQ while also allowing system administrators to manually sync. This feature, paired with BigTime IQ’s customizable user rights and security settings, gives your firm complete control of the system without overwhelming staffers. System administrators and managers can manage WIP, optimize cash flow, and address important issues as soon as they arise (and even catch them in advance). TaxLink 2014 is launching with BigTime IQ’s Integration page rollout. This integration page helps administrators manage the connection and data between BigTime IQ and Lacerte®, allowing users to further customize this tool to fit their individual needs. Lacerte 2014 Taxlink Settings BigTime IQ Pro and Express users can get their hands on TaxLink 2014 by reaching out to the BigTime Software support team at [email protected] or by calling (312) 346-4646, option 2.