Introducing BigTime Sync Agent

  • Feb 12,2016
Even before Intuit® announced its plan last year to retire its legacy Intuit Sync Manager tool effective March 2016, our engineers here at BigTime® were thinking about sync. We are constantly looking for ways to better manage the flow of data between BigTime IQ and your firm’s QuickBooks® data.  
Today, we are pleased to introduce BigTime Sync Agent for QuickBooks. Not only does Sync Agent fill the void left by the Intuit Sync Manager tool, it also represents a significant improvement for syncing your QuickBooks data with BigTime IQ.
Mainly, Sync Agent is:
  • Faster
  • More accurate and more reliable
  • More feature rich
But in addition, Sync Agent gives us better visibility and control of the data as it flows between QuickBooks and BigTime.
  • This enables us to better identify, resolve, and avoid problems—in the background and in real time
  • It also means that syncing data with BigTime just happens, with no action on your end. It’s the end of Sync Now buttons.

Watch this space!

Right now, we’re putting the finishing touches on BigTime Sync Agent. Our goal is to make your switchover as simple and quick as possible! We’ll be reaching out very soon with more news and information. In the meantime, please recheck this blog periodically to get a jump on the latest developments!