What is BigTime IQ?

  • Dec 03,2014
BigTime IQ's Practice Management Dashboard   Time tracking software? Project management software? QuickBooks & Lacerte engagement management software? What the heck is BigTime, anyway? Every software company is invariably asked: “what is your software, and what does it do?”  Furthermore – and more to the point – “what can it do for me or my company?” Sure, the BigTime IQ dashboard looks appealing (pictured above), but how does the software contend with your firm’s specific needs “on the ground?” How easy is it to install and configure? What kind of learning curve is there for your staff, your management or for you, personally? BigTime Software’s PSA (professional services automation) software is scalable to meet the needs of any professional service company at any stage of development. Whether you operate a firm with hundreds of employees requiring an array of complex features, or have a handful of staffers that simply need to track time, or are a sole proprietor/contractor, BigTime IQ’s on-board intelligence adapts to your unique processes. From time-tracking to invoicing to in-depth reporting, BigTime IQ is an Intuit-integrated software app with native QuickBooks and Lacerte integration for more efficient project management and financial tracking – and all from IQ’s elegant dashboard in the cloud. IQ comes in three “flavors” specially designed to partner with your business, regardless of size or location. In addition to an industry-specific lexicon pre-installed across all three product tiers that “speaks your industry’s language,” each tier was designed to give our customers access to features they need without charging for features they will not use. Here are the three “flavors” of BigTime IQ: BigTime IQ Express BigTime IQ Express is the perfect solution for small companies and sole proprietors/independent contractors looking for streamlined time tracking and reporting features, accessible from any device – anywhere, anytime. Express can be considered BigTime IQ Pro “Lite” and offers some of Pro’s perks without overloading your account with advanced tools you don’t need. Like BigTime IQ Pro, Express users (and their staffers) also have access to the IQ mobile app.  As your firm grows and your needs change, upgrading to IQ Pro is done in just a few short mouse-clicks. Plus, Express is free for up to 2 users – sign up now and try it out! BigTime IQ Pro BigTime IQ Pro has the same sleek design and “feel” of Express, but offers more robust utility with an expanded feature set. In addition to time tracking and basic reporting, IQ Pro offers expense tracking, invoicing, task tracking, and enhanced reporting options. Pro users will also have unrestricted access to our technical support staff and to the API for more specific customization and integration with their own applications. For our accountants, BigTime IQ Pro has created a unique engagement management system that will streamline your workflow through the busy season, save time and make managing your firm’s tasks so efficient, it will be a pleasure (almost). IQ syncs with Intuit Lacerte via BigTime’s secure TaxLink, which was conceived and mapped to sync Lacerte to BigTime for effortless engagement management. Earlier in 2014, Intuit discontinued its IPM (Intuit Practice Management) software suite and endorsed BigTime IQ Pro as its preferred project management & practice management software app. Try IQ Pro out now for 30 days, free. No credit card required & cancel anytime. BigTime IQ Enterprise BigTime IQ Enterprise is designed for larger firms that require advanced invoicing and task tracking, automated email notifications, extensive reporting, multi-tier budgeting, and much more. We will engage in an on-boarding call with you at setup to configure the Enterprise system to your company’s specifications.  BigTime IQ Enterprise also has a DCAA-compliance module, making it the most efficient solution for US government contractors. In addition to being DCAA-compliant, Enterprise is also optimized for Canadian QuickBooks users. Speak to an account rep about BigTime IQ Enterprise & learn more about how BigTime IQ will save your firm money, time, and headaches. But don’t take our word for it – watch this brief video provided by one of our customers, a business tax and advisory firm in Chicago.