For This Tucson Firm, BigTime Is a Way of Life

  • Nov 10,2015
For Jill McCormack (Metzger), Director of Operations and Administration at the Tucson, Arizona accounting firm of Metzger, Klawon & Fox P.L.C., BigTime IQ Pro has become an integral part of how business gets done. “We’ve really built our workflow around it,” she says. Jill especially touts BigTime’s ease of use as one of its primary benefits to her firm. Jill McCormack (Metzger) “I am a big supporter of this product, especially the dashboard. That was one of my big needs, she says, “where you, at a moment’s notice, can see everything that’s associated with your firm… that’s an important component”. And when it comes to the bottom line, McCormack believes that using IQ Pro has increased her firm’s accuracy and, as a result, their billings. Before BigTime, time tracking was very hit-and-miss, but now, Jill is confident that her team is able to easily capture everything – that means a lot to a firm like Metzger, Klawon & Fox P.L.C., because when you’re handling tax preparation and planning for 1,500 accounts, there are a lot of moving pieces. “The fact that you can so easily see how much time has been spent on a particular project or client for an engagement when we’re trying to bill it, and make sense of that billing, is great.” “Because the software is so detailed, I’m able to do things a lot more accurately… when you can do that, your revenue goes up.” Jill also appreciates BigTime’s ability to measure critical KPIs. They are, she says, the things that help her better understand the minute details of a project. “I look at the reports and try to find those key measures that say to me ‘OK, this is where it trends, this is what I need to think about…”. And with BigTime’s engagement screen, that’s also really easy to do. “I love being able to see the big picture of where all of my current engagements are”, Jill reports, “all the way from bookkeeping engagements to tax returns and financial planning… as far as this product goes, and the ease in which I can use it, I’m thrilled.” That data can also be used to promote talent management. “I prefer to be totally transparent and show team members exactly what it is that they’ve accomplished. They all share metrics and have goals to reach – if I could show them ‘this is how you worked and this is how we billed for that’, my staff would love that!”. Without BigTime, she says, she would no longer have her high level view of what’s going on. “I would lose my ability to dive into the details and see the big picture.” And that, according to Jill McCormack, is the beauty of BigTime – that capacity to look at your firm’s workflow from a bird’s-eye view, or to drill down to the finest level of detail which is, after all, exactly what you want to be able to do.