BigTime August 2018 Release

  • Aug 22,2018
Are your staffers working to their capacity? Do you want more flexibility when entering payment information? Do you feel inundated with simple tasks, like approving timesheets? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll benefit from our latest release. This blog post highlights new BigTime features and fixes that’ll help you manage your resources, improve project accountability, and provide more flexibility for professional service firms. New BigTime fixes and features:
  • Separate time and expense details on invoices
  • Link a BigTime project to an existing Salesforce opportunity
  • View actuals in resource allocation
  • Add QuickBooks payments in BigTime
  • Use the BigTime API to view and change project custom fields
  • Use sort order on expense receipts for invoice templates
  • Post negative invoices to QuickBooks to create a credit memo
  • Update QuickBooks Payments from BigTime
  • Use the monthly invoicing summary graph
  • Add billable/non-billable approval
  • Create custom cost rates
  • Gauge staffer capacity and performance with the Utilization Dashboard
  • Manage A/R in BigTime
We’ll highlight each of these features below.

Separate Time and Expense Details on Invoices

You decide whether to include only time details, only expense details, or both when you create an invoice. Plus, you can specify the type of time and expense details you want to display. Separating time and expense details is a great way to customize your invoices, so your client sees the details that matter most. Edit a PDF style template and click “Time/Expense” (see image below) to make these changes. Say you’re working on a new project in BigTime, and you want to link the project details to Salesforce. Now you can! Link your BigTime project to a Salesforce Opportunity from BigTime by navigating to your Project Dashboard (My Company…Project List). Find the header “Salesforce Opportunity/Job Link” on the “Project” tab. Click on the red triangle and make your selection.

View Actuals in Resource Allocation

You’ve spent a lot of time in resource allocation allocating hours to your staffers. The question is: are they working the hours you’ve allocated? Find out by viewing actuals in resource allocation. Say you allocated your staffer, Steve, 40 hours each week for the next three months. He’s one month in and you want to see how much he’s worked. Viewing actuals gives you this information. Then, you may decide to re-allocate Steve’s hours for the upcoming two months.

Add QuickBooks Payments in BigTime

Create a payment in BigTime, and post and apply that payment to an invoice in QuickBooks. The process is simple. First, create an invoice in BigTime and post it to QuickBooks. Then, create a payment on that invoice in BigTime, where you can choose the appropriate deposit account. The payment you add in BigTime will be applied to QuickBooks at the client level.

Use the BigTime API to View and Change Project Custom Fields

We’ve added project custom fields to the BigTime API. This means you have programmatic access to view and change values associated with these fields. Use the BigTime API to learn about your custom fields for a specific project: see the number of fields you have and each name, as well as their value. Or use it to update an existing custom field.

Use Sort Order on Expense Receipts for Invoice Templates

You’ve created an invoice with 50 expenses and receipts. Your client is understandably frustrated: there’s a lot of expenses and receipts to sort through. Prevent this situation from happening by using the sort order option on invoice templates. Edit a PDF style template and click on “Receipts.” Click on the red triangle on the textbox that populates, and you’ll see a picklist with different ways you can sort your receipts. In the image below, we’ll sort by date in descending order.

Post Negative Invoices to QuickBooks to Create a Credit Memo

Say your customer has a credit to use. You can create that credit in BigTime and track it in QuickBooks. Create an invoice with a negative amount and post it and sync it to QuickBooks. The negative amount will cause the invoice you created in BigTime to appear in QuickBooks as a credit memo, not an invoice.

Update QuickBooks Payments from BigTime

You created a payment, but need to update it. Now you can make your changes in BigTime. Go to that invoice and click on the “Activity Feed.” Then, click on the relevant hyperlink to get to that payment, as shown in the image below. A window will pop up where you can edit the payment details. For example, the number you type in the “Total Amount” textbox will update in the “Payment Amount” textbox.

Use the Monthly Invoicing Summary Graph

It’s easy to see how much you’ve invoiced and how much you’ve been paid with our “Monthly Invoicing Summary” graph. This 12-month view is located on the Invoicing…Overview window. Hover over the bar graph for more information: how much you’ve invoiced and how much you’ve been paid. Click on the bar, which takes you to your “Finals Invoices” window, for a deeper dive into these numbers.

Add Billable/Non-Billable Approval

It’s easy to get inundated with time approvals for billable and non-billable time for every staffer. That’s why you can divide up the task: have managers approve non-billable time and team leads approve billable time for the same individual. It’s a way to streamline the approval process.

Create Custom Cost Rates

It’s common for staffers to have different cost rates depending on the project and task. For example, Fred’s cost rate is $50 when he logs time to the “website design” task and $60 for the “audit” task for MMM Media. Now you can accommodate for this variances with custom cost rates.

Gauge Staffer Capacity and Performance with the Utilization Dashboard

Know where your staffers stand with the Utilization Dashboard. It’s a customizable tool that takes the guesswork out of staffer capacity and performance.

Manage A/R in BigTime

You want to get paid and paid on time for the work you do. The A/R Aging tool in BigTime is a powerful, customizable feature that will help you stay organized and aware of overdue invoices. See if an invoice is late, and by how many days. See when you sent an invoice and if there’s a balance. We’ve got more fixes and features to share with you soon. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest BigTime news!