Best Time and Billing Software for Accountants

  • Mar 19,2014

BigTime is being known as the best time billing software for accountants. Let it make this tax season less taxing.

BigTime’s time billing app helps make your tax prep reporting and invoicing a breeze — bringing super-efficiency, flexibility and automation to capture more of your client tax-prep revenue.
time billing for accountants
Following are just a few features tax-prep accountants might find especially useful:
Status tracking. Place statuses around your engagements or work codes and run reports by client and/or project. Need to see which clients still owe you tax documents? Done. BigTime shows you know exactly where you are throughout the tax prep process. WIP analysis. BigTime can help you capture un-billed time and expense for projects still in the pipeline. Management reports can enable automatic analyses of work-in-progress payments (by staffer, billing code and client). Invoicing your way. We’re talking multiple billing rates, write-up and write-down, and unlimited line item editing and reporting. Billing can be easily tailored to the needs of each client, and you can conveniently invoice out of either BigTime or QuickBooks.
You can learn all about BigTime’s features for time and billing for accountants. Or if you’d like, our team will be happy to demo the software for you — which takes just 30 minutes or so.