Android Users Get a Smarter Mobile Timesheet App

  • Apr 19,2017

 Product Update – April 2017

Android users: you deserve a better smarter mobile timesheet app that simplifies your on-the-go work life. And that’s exactly what this product update delivers. Let’s take a closer look.

Timesheets, Timers, and Expenses

Now Android phones recognize the required fields feature. Mobile Timesheet with Required Field A required field is exactly what it sounds like in that the user is required to complete a particular value. For example, if the Admin has made timesheet notes a required field then the staffer must complete the details field for each time entry before they can submit their timesheet. If a required field is left blank, an error message pops up. This eliminates the possibility of user error by omission. You’re using a smartphone for work. Now, your Android mobile timesheet app helps you work smarter by recognizing required fields.  One more thing about notes. A recent BigTime research study based on the analysis of 12 million timesheets revealed that the presence of timesheet notes improved billing realization (the comparison of time billed with time entered) by almost 5 percent). That’s right. A timesheet note about the length of a Tweet can significantly increase your billing realization rate. Something to think about.

Little Things Add Up to a Great Mobile Mobile Timesheet for AndroidExperience

A delightful user experience allows you to focus the task at hand. So when you whip out your Android to track time or expenses you’re going to have a friction-free experience. Here’s a quick look at other changes we’ve made—all of which add up to a big difference in your Android’s performance.


SaaS software is all about continuous improvement. Here are a few things that will work better for your now:
  • The Staff List member information now includes home phone numbers.Mobile Time and Expense Tracking Client Information With your mobile timesheet app, you can be anywhere and access the home phone of an employee or a colleague.
  • Full names now display properly for our IQ Enterprise users.
  • The Expense Entry screen is no longer visible for our IQ Express users, in order to eliminate confusion. Email [email protected] for more info on how you can add Expense tracking to your time tracking app.
  • To eliminate confusion for our IQ Express users, the Expense Entry screen is no longer visible. Email [email protected] for more info on how you can add expense tracking to your time tracking app.
  • We resolved a few issues with your Projects that were impeding the ability to load Billing and Primary contacts.
    • We fixed some minor label issues. They now display properly in the Expense Entry screens.
    • We updated the menu option for our Knowledgebase. It now points to the current version.
    • We resolved a few offline entry issues Mobile Expense Trackingthat occurred when trying to load class information.
    • We corrected an issue so that expenses will properly exit out of the unsubmitted expense area.
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