Where to Add Tasks in BigTime

  • Feb 01,2018

Most BigTime users rely on tasks, or units of work, to help stay within budget and meet project deadlines. Traditionally, you probably entered tasks on the Task Dashboard. But now there’s another way: use the Task Editor, located on the Project Dashboard.

This post provides an overview of creating tasks in both locations. At the end, we’ll provide answers to commonly asked questions.

NOTE: Instead of “tasks,” your firm may refer to these units of work as “budget items,” “phases,” “work items,” or “engagements.” It’s easy to update the lexicon settings in BigTime so that the verbiage is firm-relevant.

Create Tasks in the Task Editor

In July 2017, we launched the Task Editor: a new BigTime feature to enter tasks and task-related information all on the same window.

The Task Editor offers several benefits:

  • Enter task details and see details, like hours and budgets, all on the same screen. That means you no longer need to click on hyperlinks and navigate through pop up windows, as you do on the Task Dashboard.
  • Navigate easily through the Task Editor using hotkeys.
  • Add subtasks and allocate budgets, hours, due date, and assignments to them. Subtasks are helpful for those complex projects with multiple parts. In the image above, the task is in green font, and the subtasks are indented beneath.
  • Turn “autosave” on and let BigTime save the changes you make automatically.

Above all, you’ll find that the Task Editor is intuitive and easy to use.

Create Tasks on the Task Dashboard

If you’ve been using BigTime for awhile, you’ve probably entered your fair share of tasks on the Task Dashboard (Workflow…Task Dashboard). Here, you get some general information about tasks, like the status and due date. (You can customize your dashboard to include fields that are most relevant to your company.) Then, click on the task, hyperlinked in blue, to get more information, like budget and accounting details.

You’ll also see a task status summary at the top of your Task Dashboard, as shown in the image below.

You can update the summary by clicking on the red triangle and selecting one of three options:

  • Summary by status,
  • Summary by last modified date, or
  • Summary by due date.

This overview is helpful to keep up-to-date on tasks at a high level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions.

I am an existing BigTime user and have entered many tasks on the Task Dashboard. Do I need to re-enter these tasks in the Task Editor?
No, you don’t need to re-enter tasks from the Task Dashboard to the Task Editor. Any tasks that you’ve added on the Task Dashboard are automatically added to the Task Editor.

Will my tasks appear in the Task Editor and on the Task Dashboard?
Yes, your tasks will appear in both locations.

Can I copy tasks and add recurring tasks in the Task Editor?
Yes, you can copy and add recurring tasks in the Task Editor. Plus, in both the Task Editor and Task Dashboard, you can assign new or existing tasks to one or more staffers. And you can assign multiple tasks to one or more staffers at once.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us through email: [email protected]