A Better Way to Invoice: BigTime’s Invoice Review and Approvals

  • Jan 28,2019
Have you sent an invoice with a typo? How about a missing expense or an inaccurate amount? We’ve all been there. But now you can avoid these errors with BigTime’s invoice and approvals. This optional feature ensures that invoices are complete and accurate before they’re sent to clients. Here’s how it works: have several reviewers, of your choosing, review a drafted invoice. The number of approvers depends on your BigTime package: firms with IQ Pro have up to two approvers; firms with Premier have up to four. Then, your designated team of reviewers accepts or rejects an invoice; rejected invoices are re-submitted, and the review process starts again.

Leap-Frog Approvals

While your review/approval process can be as complex as you need it to be, sometimes a particular invoice just needs to get out! For those circumstances, you can turn on “leap-frog” approvals in BigTime. When that option is active, an invoice is considered “approved” once the final reviewer approves it (even if earlier “interim” approvers haven’t had a chance to look at it). So, if the engagement partner is the last person in your review chain, they can leap-frog approvals from project managers and team leads in order to get specific invoices out faster. Leapfrog is an optional feature that you can activate or deactivate at any time. Tired of sorting through billing sheets and time/expense details in order to determine what a customer’s invoice looks like? The BigTime review screen let you approve the actual invoice PDF a customer sees. Then, if you spot a problem, you can drill down into the details and fix it. We’ll even let your project team attach supplemental data (like status reports or budget summaries) to your invoices—getting customers the data they need to pay invoices more quickly.

Know Where You Stand on Every Invoice

You can See the status of an invoice on your Draft Invoices window by adding the Review Detail column. That column shows you who has (and hasn’t) approved every invoice—letting you circle back on invoices that are awaiting approval and get them moving.

Track the Invoice you Actually Send

At any point in the process, premier users can create a “snapshot” of the invoice as it stands at that moment. If you’re emailing invoices directly from BigTime, then we create a snapshot of the invoice you email—so you’ll never have to wonder which “version” of an invoice a customer was sent. You and your team pour hours and dollars into projects. Show off your hard work with an invoice that’s complete and accurate. That’s what invoice review and approvals will do for you.