Before You Buy Time and Billing Software Ask These Questions

  • Jul 12,2017
When you’re searching for the right time and billing software to run your firm, you need to know what questions to ask a vendor. You’ll save time (and money) in your software selection process when you ask these essential questions.

Is Their Time and Billing Software Customizable?

  • Can terminology be personalized by industry?
  • Can you make certain timesheet fields mandatory?
  • Can you customize invoices?
  • Can you customize reports for your purposes?

Can the Vendor Accommodate Variable Billing Rates?

  • Do they make it easy to adjust rates based on a staffer, a role, or a task?
  • Can they manage variable rates that also change from project to project?
  • Can they edit a rate on an invoice without changing the base rate?

Is the Time and Billing Software Capable of Scaling as You Grow?

  • Can you manage budgets in real time?
  • Can you manage tasks and their budgets?
  • Is there a review and approval workflow?

How Easily Can  You Add Users?

  • Does the time and billing vendor require that you pay for a new user immediately?
  • Do you have to fill out paperwork every time you add a user?
  • Can your new user access free online training tools?
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How Often do Updates Go Out? Are You Notified?

  • Does the time and billing vendor practice customer-informed development?
  • Does the vendor have a roadmap for additional features or fixes?
  • Does the vendor offer free training on how to use new features?

Does the Vendor Charge for Product Integrations?

  • Does the vendor’s software integrate with other productivity applications?
  • Will you need an IT specialist to make the integrations work?
  • Will the time and billing software vendor help you troubleshoot integration problems?

What Kind of Support and Training Resources are Available?

  • Will the vendor be there for you when invoices have to go out today?
  • Does the vendor have a training plan to get you up and running fast?
  • Does the vendor continuously update their knowledge base and training video library?

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