4 Ways You’ll Benefit from BigTime’s Utilization Dashboard

  • Nov 21,2018
Any project manager will agree that utilization matters. But tracking utilization hasn’t always been easy—until now. Enter BigTime’s Utilization Dashboard, which is available to Premier users.* This customizable dashboard helps you keep on the pulse of staffers and inform project planning. How? Read on to find out.

1. Gauge Staff Productivity

What projects are your staffers working on? Are they logging billable hours to them? It’s easy to overlook answers to these questions because you’re busy managing multiple projects. But a quick glance at your Utilization Dashboard gives you the details you need to get the most from your staff and help boost your bottom line. Here you can see staffers’ utilization based on allocated hours, inputted hours, and billable hours for specific projects. Usually the higher the utilization rate, the better. That said, the numbers in the image above suggest that we could be getting more from our staffer, Jason. His billable utilization, or the time spent doing billable work, is only 37%. And since allocated utilization is only 50%, we should allocate more hours to him. We’ll use this information to drive business decisions.

2. Improve Your Project Planning

Use the Utilization Dashboard to make informed decisions during the life of a project. In the image above, Ben’s overall utilization rates are in the darker gray row next to his name. Better yet, we can drill into all of the projects Ben’s working on and his utilization for each. Now we can make project changes based on this information, such as allocating more hours to Ben to improve his allocated utilization rate. We’ll also keep an eye on his billable utilization rate over the next few months to see if it increases.

3. Spot Trends Over Time

Visualize your data with the graphs at the top of your Utilization Dashboard. These graphs help project managers spot trends based on allocated, inputted, and billable utilization rates. We’ll toggle among the graphical views (allocated, input and billable utilization), and select several months to compare allocated utilization, for example, over time. Our selections also update the staff data below the graphs.

4. Customize Your Data

Data is useful if it’s meaningful. Make the data on your Utilization Dashboard meaningful by customizing it with filters. That way you can see what matters most. Plus, you can change your dashboard views, such as “by department” or “by staff role.” Managing multiple staffers and projects is tough. But the process is much easier when you have the right tools in place to give you the details you need when and how you need it. BigTime’s Utilization Dashboard does just that. *The Utilization Dashboard is available to Premier users. Are you interested in an upgrade? Learn more about Premier or email us at: [email protected].