3 Time Tracking Hacks For Consulting Firms

  • Nov 16,2017
Running a consulting business is no easy feat. You’re managing multiple clients and projects, staying within budget, and hitting deadlines. Tracking time accurately is equally important. Erroneous time entries are a sure-fire way to tarnish your reputation. And as any business owner can attest, your reputation matters. With this in mind, BigTime has several features to track time easily and precisely. Read on to learn more.

1. Customizable Timesheets with Notes

BigTime offers customizable timesheets. Add or remove timesheet columns and rename them so they’re firm-relevant. You can also require staffers to enter notes for each time entry. As it turns out, these notes matter.
Customizable Timesheets
Note: your timesheet may look different, since the system admin may add more fields and/or modify the field name.
According to our 2016 study, timesheet entries with notes consisting of 140 characters—the length of a tweet—yield a 4.95% higher billing realization rate compared to those without notes. Our study suggests that daily submission of timesheets with notes could increase billings by $35 billion for the small to mid-size US professional services market.

2. Timers Convert to Timesheet Entries

We’ve updated our timer feature to make it even easier to track time against a project or client. Although you can only have one timer running at once, you can easily switch among multiple timers. For example, start a timer as you write a report for Project A; then pause it and start a new one when you take a call from a client for Project B; pause the timer for Project B so you can attend your lunch meeting for Project C. Then, have BigTime automatically convert timers to your timesheet. This saves you a step, and helps you accurately track your hours.
Timers for Timesheets

3. Mobile App for Tracking Time on the Go

Track your time when you’re on the run. Download the BigTime app on your iPhone and Android, and you’ll have convenience at your fingertips. Enter your hours manually after your lunch meeting and start another timer as you being your afternoon appointment on your smartphone.
Mobile Time Tracking
Because BigTime is cloud-based software, you can use it across devices and anywhere with an internet connection. Gone are the days of relying on your memory: access BigTime on your phone or laptop at home or in the office to log your hours. There’s no simple answer to successfully running a consulting business. However, BigTime can help you take care of a small, but crucial detail: accurately tracking time.

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