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Reduce your costs,
increase your profits

  • QuickBooks Integration (desktop and online)
  • Time tracking (weekly, daily and timers)
  • Expense tracking (upload receipts)
  • Task tracking (by staffer or project)
  • WIP Management (tracking and billing)
  • Budget tracking (by staffer or project)
  • Project tracking
  • Progress billing (milestone and % complete)
  • Invoicing (manual, time & material and Fixed-fee)
  • Reporting (utilization, profitability +150 more)
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Anrdroid)
  • Cloud technology (access anytime, anywhere)

Our clients see an average improvement of 25% on their operating margins.

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Is Deltek Vision too expensive or complex for your needs?

Thousands of Architecture, Engineering and Consulting Firms use BigTime IQ for time and billing.
DCAA Compliant for Government Contractors.

$16 /user /month

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(price per user decreases as user count increases)

Success stories

Jas Architects

“It’s absolutely awesome what the BigTime tool can do. It makes our invoices and timesheets look exactly the way we want them to. We didn’t have to compromise or change the way we operated our business to accommodate the software. Instead, we made it bend to our needs.“

— Jon Sammer Founder, AIA, LEED-AP. 7 Users
Jas Architects

“The idea of a time and billing package that catered to the engineering industry really appealed to TAI. BigTime knew what information engineers typically enter, and which reports and templates would be most useful to us. We can now generate reports with real-time, up-to-the-minute data. “

— Mary Evans Director of Human Resources. 150 Users