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“The amount of time BigTime saves us is a game changer”

Rich Craig, Sr. Partner 415 Group Accounting, tax and IT consulting, 50+ Users

BigTime IQ is the #1 rated time and billing software for accountants and tax professionals in the Intuit Marketplace. In addition to the industry-specific lexicon, accounting and tax professionals can use the software for engagement tracking as well as sync updates across QuickBooks, BigTime IQ, and Lacerte® – all from one sleek, easy-to-use interface.

BigTime IQ's Accounting Dashboards
Accountant Time Billing and Engagement Tracking Dashboards
BigTime IQ's Accounting Reports Center
BigTime IQ’s Accounting Reports Center
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Reports and analytics

BigTime IQ is equipped with robust reporting and analytics capabilities to keep you informed in real-time. Accountants can select from an array of pre-installed, customizable report templates, or create them from scratch. Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF, or access our API in order to expand reporting options however you need.

Flexible invoicing

BigTime invoicing offers flexible rate structures that are tailored to each client. BigTime IQ allows you to bill time and expenses or retainers, or manually create your own customized invoice. Generate one invoice at a time or create and edit them in bulk, as the software guides you through each invoicing phase from drafting to payment and posting to QuickBooks, and everything in between.
BigTime IQ's Accounting Invoicing Detail
BigTime IQ’s Accounting Invoicing Detail
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BigTime IQ's Accounting Workflow Detail
BigTime IQ’s Accounting Workflow Detail
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Workflow management

BigTime IQ improves workflow by simplifying creating accounts, managing staff capacity and efficiency, tracking outside expenses and consultants, and drawing all of that data into invoices when you’re ready to bill. This practice management software is equipped with advanced reporting capabilities, budget tracking, and engagement management while simultaneously integrating with QuickBooks and Lacerte®